What Can You Expect Once You Decide to Install Solar Panels

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Making the decision to install solar panels is one of the best things you can do to improve your homes efficiency and your eco-credentials.

What Can You Expect Once You Decide to Install Solar Panels

Once you have made that decision it is now time to start looking at suppliers, getting estimates and figures together, and moving forward with installation plans.

Getting Started With Solar

Choosing A Solar Panel Supplier

Finding a solar panel provider may be quicker and easier if you know people who have had systems installed. However, if you don’t, then don’t panic you can find the supplier who is right for you by doing a bit of background research. Use online and offline reviews and recommendations to work out who will be the best supplier for the system you require. Don’t just go on price alone as this will not always end up with favorable results. Instead go with suppliers that are invested in renewable energy, the suppliers that want to supply you with products that will benefit you and the environment, and, not just the ones looking to make a few extra dollars. If you speak to a supplier and they are passionate about what they do then this will come across in the products they sell. Choose suppliers that you know will be around in the next few years, ones that will still be trading to see you through your 10-year warranty or guarantee.

What Type Of System Will You Go For – How Many Panels?

Once you have decided upon a supplier you next need to work out what system you will have. The best place to start is by looking at existing electricity and energy bills and seeing what your average usage is both during peak and off-peak hours. Once you have established your usage you will be able to work out the size of the system you will need to install. Are you looking at growatt solar inverters, panels, pumps, or a combination? You also need to think about how big your house is and if you want to be completely self sufficient with your power or not. For example, if you are only looking at being semi self sufficient in terms of power then you will not need to install so many panels.

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Purchasing Solar Panels

When you decide to get solar panels you have to think how you want to purchase them. Would you like to lease the equipment if you can or would you like to buy outright, or, have you looked and investigated the possibility of rent to buy. There are lots of ways to purchase solar panels and there are ways that suit every budget, so it is worth exploring your options before you make any commitments.

Installing Solar Panels

Unless you have all of the right equipment, spare time on your hands and are a bit handy then installation of solar panels is probably best left to the professionals. It is wise to have a professional such as bluenergysolar to install your system, especially if you have a large number of panels, simply because they have experience, knowledge, and expertise in the area. You may have bundles of enthusiasm, but not having any power due to faulty hook-up of solar panels is no laughing matter, especially on a cold dark winter night!

Maintenance Of Solar Panels

How much maintenance do your panels need and how often would you require somebody to come out and maintain them if this is not something that you can do yourself. Maintenance and checking of panels regularly is important to ensure your system maintains its efficiency and effectiveness, especially if it is the only source of power that you have. If you are buying panels and are thinking of installing them yourself will you be able to get hold of parts and supplies should you need them, will things be readily available to you, or do you need to use someone who holds a trade account with a supplier to get the parts you need, these are all things you need to take into consideration.

Connecting To The Grid 

It might be beneficial to you and your finances if you were to connect to the grid and look at possibly selling any excess power you produce. It is of course not necessary to connect to the grid, but if you look at historic electricity prices you will see how they fluctuate, and also how they can increase which would be beneficial to you should you wish to connect to the grid. Study your options and choices before you make any decisions and see what is right for you, your home and your system. Think about connecting to the grid as a backup power source which might prove useful especially if you have a family, as living with no power for days on end is no fun for anyone.

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Back Up Plan

Having solar energy is great, why wouldn’t you want to harness this natural resource, it’s fantastic when the sun is shining, but, what about on the duller and gloomier days, what do you have in place for those when you might not harness as much power as you need to keep your home running efficiently. You need to look at getting a generator or back up for if you have don’t have the bright days needed to produce the power required for your home.

Planning and Design

Integrating and incorporating panels is essential especially if you live in a built-up area. Where do you want to put your panels and system, and realistically where does it need to be to be the most efficient? You need to consider if you need any planning permits to install a solar system, if so when and how do you get these. It is essential that you seamlessly incorporate a solar panel system into your home as neatly as possible as it can boost your homes value which is always a bonus. Of course, if it is done poorly, and you want to sell your home further down the line it can make your house difficult to sell as nobody wants to be looking at poorly located solar panels everyday. Solar panels are great for the environment and great for reducing your monthly bills too. To ensure you make the most sound energy choices it is also worth checking everything in your home to make sure it is as energy efficient as possible, from door seals to lightbulbs, the little things add up and they do make a difference.

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