Septic tanks are drainage systems for properties without access to the main sewer. All waste from the property is stored in the tank, where solids settle, and liquids are released through an outlet pipe into the ground. The septic tank holds house sewage, from which floatables and solids are removed. As of 2020, this wastewater must be gradually distributed into the soil of a designated drainage area.

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When is the best time to install a septic tank? What is the process of emptying a tank?

Do You Really Need A Septic Tank?

Septic tanks are mostly found in rural areas and can be identified by observing your neighbours or the lack of a water meter. Approximately 10% of UK households have one. In 2020, it became illegal to discharge septic tank wastewater into rivers, streams, or other surface water. Homeowners must either connect to a public sewer or create a drainage field for the tank to flow into the earth.

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Why You Should Consider Tank Emptying Services

If you have a septic tank and it is causing flooding or your toilet is blocked, you may need a septic tank emptying service. This involves a septic tank professional coming to your property and using specialised equipment to pump out the contents of the septic tank. The septic tank professional will remove the solid waste and other matter which has built up inside the tank, disposing of it in a safe and responsible manner. Depending on the size and type of septic tank, the professional may also need to clean and inspect the tank to ensure there are no further issues.

Your septic tank is used heavily daily as it is responsible for managing wastewater and other liquid waste from the bathroom, kitchen drains, and laundry. Without regular servicing, which includes emptying the tank, and maintenance, the tank can quickly become overwhelmed and begin to back up. This can lead to unpleasant odours, plumbing issues, and even septic system failure. Regular servicing and maintenance of your septic tank is essential to ensure it functions properly and avoid costly repairs.

Do a quick online search to locate a septic tank emptying service near you. We suggest reading customer reviews to help you decide which company is best for you!