The Increasing Demand For Organic Products

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The demand for organically grown and produced products has increased throughout the United States of America over recent years. In fact, sales topped $52.5 billion in the year 2018 (a 6.3 percent increase from 2017) and has continued to grow up to the present day. It is no surprise then that organic food, drink, and other products are now considered the norm. However, this does not mean that the attitude towards these types of products have adapted and changed at the same rate. Although things are slowly changing given the fact that organic is seen as playing a part in combating climate change and being more sustainable, there is still some way to go.

The Increasing Demand For Organic Products

One area where the trend for organic is growing is in drinks and beverages. For instance, the sale of these products increased by 13.5 percent in 2018 to some $6.4 billion. Why this is of interest is that many trends start off in beverages and then make their way into other types of consumer products.

Understanding the market

Produce, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, makes up slightly over 36 percent of all organic food that is purchased in the United States of America. The sale of these products rose by 5.6 percent in 2018 to $17.4 billion and continues to grow to this very date. Out of these, it is apples, greens, bananas, and carrots that are the most popular choices with consumers. Other up and coming items include cauliflower, mangos, berries, papayas, Brussels sprouts, avocados. The biggest selling range of products after produce is eggs and dairy. This saw a 0.8 percent increase in 2018 with some $6.5 billion worth of sales.

The Increasing Demand For Organic Products - organic products

Future trends

With new regulations continually coming into place they work to impact the type of organic products and flavors that are being developed. This has seen a number of new products come to market that are all made with organic products, such as Black Buffalo tobacco free dip (made from organically grown edible green leaves) and EVN CBD gummies (made from organic hemp plants) – buy cbd gummies online here. This growth for new and innovative organic products is coming from the millennial generation who have an interest about what they and their friends and family are putting in their body. This means that when it comes to drinks and food, organic items are at the very top of their shopping list.

However, it is not just their body’s and those of their loved ones that they have concern over, millennials also care about the environment that they live in and the planet that they live on. This is why more and more producers of organic products, like Patriot power greens, are using packaging that is sustainable and fully recyclable. They are pressing their own suppliers for more responsible materials, more sustainable alternatives, and less plastic. However, in order for all of this to have the desired impact, there needs to be a re education of both shoppers and retailers.

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