Steps to Take to Increase Home Security this Spring

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Most people spend time doing a thorough spring clean inside their home during this time of year. However, it’s important to think about spring cleaning your security, too, so that you keep burglars at bay along with anyone else who might be out and about in the warmer weather and with less-than-desirable motives in mind.
Steps to Take to Increase Home Security this Spring

There are lots of different strategies you can implement to make your property less enticing to criminals. Many of them can handily be done by yourself, and you’ll find most tasks won’t cost you a lot of time, money or energy, which is a bonus! If you’re ready to get your home security in tip-top shape, read on for some steps you can take over the coming weeks and months to increase home security.

Install Decent Outdoor Lighting

Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, make sure you install decent outdoor lighting on your property. By having outdoor areas light up at night if people are around (motion sensor lights are essential), you will deter burglars from breaking in. It will be obvious that someone is lurking about and about to get up to no good.

Always put lighting at the front and back of your home, especially near to the entry/exit doors and any ground-level windows. As time goes on, don’t forget to maintain these lights, too. Check the bulbs and other fittings to ensure all is working as it should.

Keep Your Garden in Good Order

It pays to keep your garden in good order, too. While obviously this is nice when it comes to the curb appeal of your property and the usefulness of the outdoor areas for your family, there is also a security reason to spend time gardening.

By removing or cutting back dense landscape, such as overhanging hedges and trees, particularly those close to front and back doors, you won’t give burglars a place to hide when they’re thinking of breaking in. When it comes to gardening, consider planting sharp, thorn bushes and shrubs under first floor windows as well, as this helps to keep people at bay – they won’t be able to so easily climb into your home from low windows.

Install a Security System

Of course, with so many great technology products on the market these days, you should protect yourself more thoroughly by installing a security system, too. These systems, such as cameras, motion sensors, alarms, and the signs advertising their installation, are very strong deterrents to thieves. In fact, many convicted burglars have mentioned, when asked, that they avoid breaking into properties if they can tell it’s protected by some type of security system.

With so much choice in this arena, you should be able to find a product in your price range. Many of them can be installed DIY, or you can choose to hire a security specialist to do the task for you. After systems are installed, don’t forget to keep them maintained, too. It pays to have an experienced technician come in at least once a year. Check out these Jersey security companies to take a look at your alarms and cameras.

The products need to be checked for wear and tear, especially those items which are put up outside and without cover. Over time motion sensors can get filled with dust or wear down from extreme temperatures, batteries have to be replaced, and cameras may get covered by trees, shrubs or hedges which have grown too far out.

Steps to take to increase home security this spring - home security system

Clean and Declutter

Another security tip is to clean and declutter on a regular basis. There are multiple reasons to do this and yes, it can increase home security. For starters, when you clean up, you may notice potential security risks which you hadn’t been aware of previously, because they were covered up by things like big piles of boxes or stacks of clothes sitting window high. These issues (broken panes of glass, for instance), would likely be noticed by burglars though, when casing your house out, so need to be addressed ASAP.

Another reason to neaten up and clean your home is that doing so shows burglars that the house is not empty, and that people are often at home. This will deter them from breaking in.

Check Locks

Lastly, don’t forget to check locks often to ensure they’re all still working. Start by testing the latches on the doors and windows in your home, especially those on front and back doors, and windows which can be reached easily if you want to increase home security.

You should also take a look at locks on gates and fences. Without adequate maintenance locks can become stiff or broken, or palings or panels in gates and fences can become loose or worn down, leading to the locks not working correctly. Hire a locksmith to replace or repair catches which aren’t doing their jobs properly any longer.

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