Tips To Installing Temporary Decorative Lights Outside

Tips To Installing Temporary Decorative Lights Outside

Most people have lighting outside, whether it is for security or providing adequate lighting at night, for example, porch or garden lights. But you also get temporary lighting options for decorative purposes during special holiday celebrations such as Halloween or Christmas. As with any other electrical connections and lighting in general, we need to install them with safety in mind.

Top Safety Tips For Installing Temporary Lights Outdoors

Install Fixtures And Globes That Are Suitable For The Outdoors

When you are installing lights for your outside areas, it is essential that they are manufactured to withstand the elements and weather conditions associated with the outdoors. Festoon string lights are durable and suitable for this purpose notably LED lights, as they are not prone to breakage or bursting like the filament type globes and doesn’t need to be changed as often.

Use Suitable Extension Cords

Extension cords that are manufactured for indoor use must be used indoors, as they are lightweight and flexible and not fit to withstand wet conditions. Outdoor extension cords are the right choice for lighting that is connected for temporary outdoor use.

Decorative Lights For The Outdoors

When you’re making use of lighted decorative items for example pumpkins or candy canes, make sure that the label description stipulates that it is for outdoor use. Safety labels on products should not be disregarded, as they are there for a reason. Not following them can lead to dire consequences.

Weather-Proof Receptacles

It is highly advisable that temporary outdoor loads must be plugged into outdoor receptacles instead of using an electrical cord through a window or doorway plugged into an indoor receptacle.

Tips to installing temporary decorative lights outside - festoon lights

Consider Using Festoon Lights

Outdoor festoon lights are an excellent decorative lighting choice for the outdoors as they are easy to install, are safe to use and can be used for temporary or long-term use. There are so many different styles, colors and types available on the market that you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect option that fits your requirements.

Ways For Hanging String Lights In Your Backyard:

  • Stringing lights along the fence.
  • Hanging string lights along your deck railing or across the corner poles from one end to the next.
  • For creating a romantic or ambient sanctuary, string lights can be hung back and forth along the inside of a gazebo or pergola, in trees or your patio umbrella.

For a long-term lighting solution, commercial grade festoon lights are your best option, as they are durable and weather-resistant.

Avoid Hanging Lights Close To Flammable Materials

Many light bulbs are generating heat when burning. Therefore, it is essential not to hang flammable items close to them that can ignite and create a fire hazard.

Make Sure You Use A Grounded Outlet When Hanging Lights

Always ensure that whenever you’re hanging outdoor lights that they are connected to a GFCI outlet with a built-in fuse. This will prevent an overloaded outlet from causing a fire and will switch off instead. It can possibly prevent the fuses in your lights from burning out.

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