5 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Décor

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Once you’ve lived in a house for a while you’ll find that you become accustomed to the small things that need to be done, but that you never have time to do. It often takes someone else pointing it out to remind you. Then it becomes frustrating.

5 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Décor

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait! There are 5 simple ways to improve the look of your home from the outside!

Create Parking

One thing that can really make a difference to the outside of your home is when you don’t have a designated parking area, especially if you’re collecting vehicles through the family. It can quickly look more like a car park or even a scrap yard! You need to designate the parking area. The best way to do this and add appeal to your yard is to add a double carport. Gravel under it and extend this down the drive, allowing you to have a defined area where cars belong, and not a mud track where the lawn used to be.

Clear Clutter

The next step must be to remove the clutter. It’s surprising how this builds up in any yard. Items that you are working on, things that haven’t been put away properly, and, of course, the stuff that needs to be disposed of. Somehow this all builds up over time and starts to clutter your yard. Take a little time to sort everything in your yard and find a home for it, whether that’s storage, a shed, or the local landfill. You’ll feel better for having done it.

Redefine Your Seating

Now you’re ready to really make a difference! Take a look at your favorite area and work out how you can turn it into a desirable and relaxing sitting area. You’ll want to start with the floor. Adding decking is quick, easy, and comparatively cheap. With decking and a balustrade, you’ll be three-quarters of the way to having the perfect spot. You need to choose the right furniture to go with this. Your choice will depend on what you use the space for most.

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Add Lights

Next, consider lighting. You can use solar power lights to wrap around your balustrades, low-level lights in the driveway and carport, and perhaps some mains lights for the decking area. This will allow you to set the ambiance and make the house look attractive from outside at any time of year. It’s also practical as you’ll be able to enjoy the space for longer in the evenings, even in the winter!

Consider Your Green Fingers

Finally, plants are a great way to spruce up any outside space. Your choice will depend on how good your green fingers are. Planters around the seating area can really add to the feel of the area, as can carefully chosen flowers around your garden. Just remember, use local plants to ensure they will grow well with minimal maintenance. Plus, if you’re not a keen gardener don’t get carried away with the plants, less can be more and it’s certainly easier to stay on top of it all.

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