Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Garden Before Selling

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One of the most important ways to improve the value of your home is to liven up your garden. Whether you’re starting from scratch or are completing a light makeover, there are plenty of ways that you can improve your garden cost effectively and without too much hassle. Preparing to sell your home can be an incredible draining process, so it’s essential to know where to focus your time to make sure you reach a beneficial outcome for your sale.

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Garden Before Selling

Your garden is usually the first thing that potential buyers want to see so it needs to be functional and inviting. Furthermore, it can also optimise its current market value when you seek out an expert house valuation for advice before you sell. Here, we’ve come up with our top 10 tips to make your garden pre-sale ready:

1. Add More Greenery

Adding some greenery is not only soothing to the eyes, but they also make an excellent backdrop for your colorful flower gardens. However, prioritize green plants that are easy to maintain when arranging your garden. Adding some much needed greenery will make your garden feel more homely and enjoyable – adding some pot plants, or shrubs around the area can give your garden exactly what it needs.

2. Utilise Hanging plants

This is an effective way to add greenery and functionality in a small space. If your land is limited, you can maximize the space you have in the garden by using hanging pots to plant ornamental plants and flowers. Attach the pots to the ceiling, terrace, wall, or garden fence. Variations of beautiful hanging pots will improve the aesthetic look of your garden and show the house owner’s creativity.

3. Make the Most of Angles

There are so many things you can do by maximizing the corners of your garden. By making the corners of your garden a point of interest, you will create a spacious effect in your small garden. Try to decorate the corners of the garden with various flowers, stones, and ornamental plants, such as hibiscus flowers combined with roses, succulents, and natural stones.

4. Create Barriers with Edging Technique

Edging is marking or delimiting an area that serves to create clean, crisp lines between your flower beds and other areas. Usually, the edging material used in arranging the front garden of the house is in the form of solid materials such as stones, bricks, or other solid materials. If you have a narrow front garden, edging can give a clear, beautiful, and orderly impression.

5. Get Creative with a Beautiful Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens can be a solution for arranging a unique front garden even with limited land. This garden, as the name implies, is vertical and is frequently attached to a fence or wall in the garden area of the house. Planting areas can be constructed and easily moved around to suit the available space. Plants that are suitable and often used for this method are hydroponic plants or plants that do not use soil as a growing medium. Another idea is to implement a growing vine along the wall perimeters of your garden to add some dimension and warmth to the space.

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Garden Before Selling - amazing garden

6. Get Stylish with Lighting

Arranging your garden is not just a matter of maximizing space or combining plants, but also about choosing the right decoration. Lighting is one of the most effective ornaments you can use. Great lighting can improve the total look of your garden. Placing the lighting strategically is the key to creating the effect you want to have in your garden. Focus on the lighting on the walls of your home first before you place them in your garden. Your house should be the main show of the lighting. Lighting the front garden of the house will certainly enhance the appearance of the house at night and help give the illusion of a spacious and warm environment.

7. Add Some Garden Art

Yes, you can incorporate some artistic touches into your garden, and it doesn’t have to be a costly masterpiece! Garden art can be various pretty ornaments, treasures you find at weekend markets, or it can also be something you make. When you add these decorative items to your garden, it adds personality and character to your garden. Whether it’s a wall hanging, a fountain or any kind of feature, ensure that it adds value to your space. While garden art can add something extra to your garden, be careful not to over do it and remember to stick within your budget.

8. Group Plants and Flowers around a Theme

A garden always looks it best when it has a running theme. With that being said, it’s important to gather plants and shrubbery that will complement each other and suit the space it’s in. Group a collection of plants and flowers with the same foliage or color for a great effect. Look around and see whether you can organize plants of the same color or combine the plants with neutral colors such as white, silver, or blue as a ‘border’ with the colorful ones. This is probably one of the more difficult things to accomplish and it will require some thought into how much you want to invest in the layout of your garden. If you’re having trouble trying to figure out what will work best for you, it’s always best to seek out your nearest garden centre and seek some advice of what will work best.

9. Plant Edible Herbs and Flowers

There are many benefits to planting herbs and edible flowers in your garden. Not only do they have pleasing aromas, but they also make good home remedies, provide fresh ingredients for your kitchen, and are attractive borders. It’s an easy, cost-effective addition to the garden and it’s perfect if you like to cook at home.

10. Make it Easy to Maintain

Above all, the most beneficial tip there is when improving your garden for sale is to ensure that it’s easily maintainable. Remember, the goal of this is to make it ready for sale, so be careful not to put your heart and soul into this project. Make simple yet effective changes, work within the space you have and stick to your budget. These simple tips to improve your garden will help you prepare your house for sale and ensure that you’ll get to best price and more demand for your home.

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