The Importance of Erosion Control for Your Property

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Erosion control, by definition, displaces particles like soil and rock from elements such as wind and water. Therefore, soil erosion can significantly affect public and private property and wildlife! In addition, it can cause pollution; thus, controlling and keeping sediments in place is valuable.


Construction materials, sediments, excessive chemicals, and other pollutants would be carried to the waterways if you misapplied them or there were no controls. If you’re still in doubt about the importance of erosion control, read below to learn more about its benefits for your property!

Reducing Runoff Velocity

When properties use erosion control blankets, the vegetative layers in your property will absorb the rain’s runoff as it hits the blankets. When it does, it reduces the velocity of the subsequent runoff. As a result, the slower and weaker runoff carries away only a small amount of sediment. Look for an erosion control service company that does legitimate and effective erosion control techniques where you can benefit from reducing the runoff velocity in your area. Such a company inspects your property and uses methods that are needed for a construction project’s requirements or for your property. Their services may include ground stabilization, rockfall protection, mining services, etc.

Controlling Pollutants

When sediments wash away in the runoff, they carry chemical residues that can harm your and your family’s health. For example, a construction site’s soil may contain solvent, adhesive, or paint residues. If you didn’t know, these pollutants could also diminish water quality. In addition, they affect the soil, stunt vegetation, and poison possible local wildlife. Now that pollution is more evident than ever, with various scientists pleading to the world to lessen one’s carbon footprint, planning to get erosion control is more important than ever. Don’t be the person who contributes more polluted chemicals to your neighborhood. You can lessen your carbon footprint by using erosion control blankets in your home to ensure that you get rid of these harmful effects.

Maintain the Biodiversity and Habitants Near You

As mentioned above, pollutants can harm wildlife. For example, erosion can sweep more and more sediment away. Blankets can erode a significant chunk of land over time, which causes habitat loss for wildlife species that live there, e.g., birds, deers, etc. They can get poisoned by these pollutants and which can cause them the most adverse effect, death. The forest or area’s biodiversity diminishes if these species die or leave their habitat to search for new homes. Conversely, ensuring you opt for erosion control keeps the soil in place and preserves habitats to help several species flourish. Respect the species around you and their life by opting for an erosion control blanket.

erosion under the house

Maintain Soil Integrity

Erosion control acts as a filter to trap the sediments in the area and keep them from entering runoff streams. Erosion control helps maintain the soil’s absorptive capacity and integrity. Soil integrity is highly essential since it maintains fertile land for vegetative growth. An important part of the ground to maintain is topsoil, which contains the most nutrients. When your top soil loses its ability to help essential nutrients, combat pollutants, and regulate water flow, it loses integrity to the soil. It’s one of the reasons why there’s flooding; the water brought near homes, businesses, and schools makes the soil unstable. Thus, soil erosion mitigation is a must.

Regulatory Compliance

Local or federal regulations often require erosion control for numerous projects and applications. Search for regulations in your area to inquire if you will need to meet this requirement. Ensure that you use effective erosion control techniques and products to ensure that your property complies with your area’s rules to avoid fines. If you’ve ever found out that it isn’t required, it’s still valuable for your property, especially if you’re planning to build a house in a steep area.

Shoreline Preservation

Do you live near the shore, coast, or bank? If so, you would need to preserve the shoreline just as much if you live near the city. It’s a must to protect the rich aquatic environment and secure infrastructure and property against encroaching water. Many properties near the shorelines would install a rip-rap. These large rocks are piled along shoreline structures to prevent water scouring and soil erosion. Sadly, rip-raps are much more expensive than their vegetated alternatives. It’s also often less appealing and doesn’t provide habitat enhancements for vegetated solutions. On the other hand, erosion control blankets are much more practical, cost-effective, and appealing.

Final Thoughts

Erosion control helps reduce repercussions in case a flood takes out your sediment or crop damages the foundation of your property’s construction site. With erosion control, you can prevent future damages to drainage, sewer systems, and other places. It’s an investment you’ll be glad to make in the future. Help the environment by opting for this service!

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