The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

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Most homeowners engage in many home routine maintenance and activities for their property. Cleaning gutters is one of the top priorities for home maintenance. Removing leaves, debris and stick from your gutter will help to prolong your property, including the roof and foundation.  Cleaning is not a fun activity, but it can prevent many issues and costly inconvenience that can arise later from clogged gutters.  Clogged gutters can cause damage to the roof and foundation of the house.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

So, when last did you clean your gutter? In this article, we’ve outlined the importance of cleaning your gutters.

Prevent Roof Damage

Clogged gutters and downspouts give no room for water to flow. Water pools inside the gutter and it will flood over at the bottom of the roof.  It can leave the roof shingles damaged and also cause cracks in the roof. A cracked roof creates a leak in the ceiling and the interior of the house.  Repairing a rotten roof floor or damaged roof is costly. A clean gutter allows a smooth passage of water flowing from the bottom, controlling the flow of the water off the roof and directing it through a channel and away from the foundation and other parts of a property.

Prevent Pest Problems

Insects, birds and rodent can make their homes in a gutter clogged with leaves and debris. They can also find their way into your home through the gutter system. A clogged gutter is a common cause of pest infestation in your home. With proper cleaning, it will reduce the risk of infestation in your gutter. You can also consider adding a bird mesh gutter guard in your gutter system to keep the pests away from your gutter system.

Prevents Basement Flooding

Dealing with basement flooding is not a fun activity. Basement flooding may be a result from clogged gutters and we wouldn’t that of course! When the rainwater is blocked, and it overflows the gutter, it collects at just above the basement of the home. It will affect the foundation of the house over time; the water will leak inside the basement. It can cause a severe flood and also can lead to the growth of mildew.

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Prevents the Unsightly Appearance of Your Property

Cleaning your gutters will prevent the unsightly appearance of your property. The debris and leaves are clogging your gutter your guest can see your gutters. The water can also stain the siding of your home. These will make your home appear old and worn out. You should clean your gutters regularly to prevent your home from appearing deteriorated.

Prevents Damages to Gutters

An unclean gutter filled with debris and overflowing rain flow will damage the gutter. Gutters are constructed with a number of different materials, including; aluminium, and the organic debris in the gutter can corrode the gutter.


Regular cleaning of your gutter can help eliminate unexpected expenses and inconvenience. Preventive measures should practice daily, weekly or even a monthly basis because it will minimise the cost of replacing your roof or repairing the damaged foundation.  Cleaning your gutters every spring and fall should be considered by every homeowner.

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