Which impact driver should you purchase

So, you’ve decided to add more torque to your arsenal of power tools. The impact driver is a solid choice, considering that it is a handy piece of equipment that makes particular, tricky tasks easier than using your good old drill driver. With sudden bursts of rotational power, an impact driver would not have you work up a sweat when tightening screws or removing stubborn bolts.

Which impact driver should you purchase

But now that you’re here, you must be wondering which of the many choices for an impact driver is worth the investment. Let’s take a look:

Your Best Impact Driver Options

Dewalt DC825B

Not a shocker of a choice, the Dewalt DC825B is powerful, efficient and easy to use. It can do various tasks including heavy-duty ones seamlessly, thanks to its 1330 inch-pounds of torque. The impact driver feels made for your hands as the speed, impact and torque are easily adjusted with a press on its variable speed trigger. Moreover, it is compact, light and ergonomic.

Milwaukee M12

It does not matter if you are a novice or an expert, a casual user or a professional, the Milwaukee M12 will be great to use. The selector is intuitive, allowing the user to adjust speed and with ease. Due to its compact head, it is ideal for use in places where there is limited working space. There is also a LED light meant to aid in darker places.

Bosch 25618-02

The main draw for this Bosch impact driver is its battery life, which the brand has perfected. This comes with an electronic cell protection, which keeps the battery from failing prematurely due to overloading and overheating. It does not hurt that the tool is also lightweight and made for tight spaces. You can get more torque for the price, but the quality is not questionable.

Which impact driver should you purchase - Bosch impact driver

Hitachi WH18DGL

Light and compact, the Hitachi WH18DGL is another tool you can take with you if you find yourself often working in narrow working spaces. At three pounds and with an ergonomic grip, it should not cause bodily pains when used for hours. With a torque of 1280 inch-pounds, it is a dependable tool to use for small and medium tasks.

Ryobi P236 ONE Plus

If budget is an issue for you, then the Ryobi P236 ONE Plus should be perfect without compromising performance. Its offered torque of 1600 inch-pounds and 3200 revolutions per minute can readily compete with more expensive options. While the inside leaves more to be desired, the exterior is perfect. It is comfortable, easy to grip and convenient.

Find What’s Best For You

Going through impact driver reviews is one way of finding the ideal power tool for you, learning which details to inspect like torque, kind of brushless motor, and weight, is another. It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect impact driver for everyone. It will depend on certain factors, like durability and budget, and you will have to determine which ones matter most to you.

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