Small house? 8 ideas to leave the appearance of a movie yard

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If you have a small patio you probably think that there are not too many things that can transform it or give it a movie-like appearance. However, you are wrong, because every day there are more options on the market that can beautify this place. From lighting to the use of practical and decorative furniture.

8 ideas to leave the appearance of a movie yard

You will find everything in this book of ideas, where we will not only show them, but we will give you some tips so that you know how to take advantage of them.

Wood type porcelain floor

In small spaces, the floor is an element that cannot be left aside. To choose one you must be clear about the weather conditions, since in general the options are varied and for all kinds of scenarios. A highly recommended material is porcelain, which you find in different colors and designs.

Colored pendant lamps

If you have a pergola in your home, you may want it to be much brighter at night, which can be achieved by successful lighting. And since there is so much to choose from, we recommend hanging pendant lamps or porch lights, which are very practical. If they are colored, even better, especially when you want to impregnate a playful style into the place.

With wood

Wood is one of those materials that are used a lot, because it is decorative and resistant at the same time, in addition to being able to introduce it in different spaces of the house in different ways. Here we can see it on the floor and in the pergola. Looks great.

8 ideas to leave the appearance of a movie yard - pergola

Combine materials

This is a decorative technique, but practical. Remember that we are talking about patios, outdoor places where the materials used must withstand different climates, otherwise they can be damaged. That is why it is recommended to use resistant elements, but without neglecting the decorative fee. Wood can be an option, and it is certainly in high demand. The stone, on the other hand, has the advantage of being easy to maintain, long-lasting and well resistant. If you mix both you have a great complement.

With cobblestone floor

Not all grassless patios are boring or unwelcoming; this is the proof that with a little creativity you can do a lot. The pavers are easy to install and look perfectly good in all external spaces given their ease of maintenance and spaciousness of design.

Wood bench

A small patio can be seen benefited with a bench in the middle of the space, since it allows taking advantage of it. In addition, it is not a high cost furniture or difficult to find or manufacture. You can install a wooden or metal one.


Since there are no restrictions to make your patio look good, we have to tell you that spotlights are also a good option. You can give prominence to the walls or direct them to some pretty rose bushes, whatever you want.


For those who want to give a special touch to their patio, installing a small stove doesn’t hurt. It can be located next to the terrace, in the middle of the patio or near a space in the barbecue area, there are several possibilities and it is not necessary to have a lot of land.

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