How to use an HVLP sprayer gun for woodworking

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The HVLP sprayer gun is effective for applying on furniture to make it decorative and cool looking. HVLP abbreviation is high volume low pressure. This incredible framework can provide about 50 percent more finish tasks with less overspray than a traditional spray gun. HVLP framework consists of a spray gun, a turbine, and an air hose. HVLP is producing less overspray than an airless sprayer.  HVLP is very easy to handle for woodworking.

How to use an HVLP sprayer gun for woodworking

Here are some quick tips and tricks for using an HVLP sprayer gun.

What is a sprayer gun?

A sprayer gun helps for spray painting on wood or furniture. It is a device that sprays coating material ( paint, ink, varnish) through the air onto a surface or framework. The most common type is to employ compressed gas-air to atomize and direct paint particles. Spray guns evolved from airbrushes. They are distinguished based on size and the size of the spray pattern they produce. Airbrushes are handheld and used instead of a brush for detailed paintworks such as photo retouching, painting nails, or fine arts. Air gun spraying generally uses larger equipment. It is usually used for covering larger surfaces with an even coating of liquid. So, a best quality HVLP sprayer gun for woodworking will be an excellent tool for your projects.

How to use an HVLP sprayer gun for woodworking?

HVLP sprayer can have them built in turbine-like the Wagner or stand along with turbine-like Graco. The turbine works like a household vacuum cleaner and blows a high volume of low-pressure air through the spray gun, so it is called a high volume low-pressure sprayer. To work correctly, the painter finish you are using has to be the correct viscosity or thickness. Every gun is a little different so use a viscosity cup and the instruction provided with your gun to check the thickness of your finish. However, an HVLP sprayer gun is an essential tool for woodworking.

Step-1: First, measure the viscosity by dipping the viscosity cup into the paint or finish and estimate the time duration. If painting takes too long to run out, you have to thin with the appropriate solvent. As an  example, you can use water for latex paint.

Step-2: Then stirrer and recheck the viscosity. Keep track of how much water you add to the solution, and you may need to add more color. When you’ve got the consistency just right, you are ready to fill the paint cup. Don’t just dump it in. It would be best if you poured the paint finish through a filter to avoid clogging.

How to use an HVLP sprayer gun for woodworking - spraying

Step-3: For proper spraying, you can purchase the best quality filter from the market. The gun attaches with the HVLP sprayer. There is a dial on the back to adjust the airflow. It helps to determine how much paint is being sprayed. It would help if you read the instructions provided through the catalog for changing the sprayer with your gun. You can also adjust the spray pattern to either a round vertical stripe or a horizontal stripe.

Step-4: Adjust the pattern flow to suit your project. For small projects start with a lower flow rate. It will not take you much time to get the hang of spraying. Here I am sharing some practical tips. Don’t start or stop the spray on the surface. It would be best to pull the trigger before you reach the project and release it after you are past the end.

Step-5: You should move the spray gun parallel to the surface, not in an arc. Avoid putting on too much paint. The thin paint runs efficiently. You should apply several light coats to get good coverage. With a bit of practice, you will be able to apply a flawless HVLP spray finish on furniture, woodwork, or your outdoor projects and save a lot of brushwork in the project.

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