How to Use a Cordless Pole Saw

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Do you want to have a tool to clear up your garden? You need not worry anymore. Get one of the cordless pole saw, which is useful in cutting and clearing branches from your yard. Besides, the saw enables you to chop difficult and hard to reach places as well as handle light pruning activities.

How to Use a Cordless Pole Saw

Therefore, before we begin, it is crucial to learn step by step on how to use a cordless pole saw adequately so that you get a better understanding of its operation. But first, let us understand what cordless pole is.

What is a cordless pole saw

It is a tool that runs with a set of batteries that makes the device function without necessarily plugging into the electric circuit. A machine is a simple tool, flexible, and portable. This machine comes with a chain that cuts trees and branches effortlessly. Besides, you can use it in pruning, bucking, filling, lambing, etc.

Step-by-step on how to use a cordless pole saw

  1. Prepare the area underneath your trees

Preparing the area under your trees is the first step before making any cuts. Ensure to clear the area beneath your trees to prevent any damages caused by falling branches. The clearing of the surrounding is a simple step, which should take a few minutes. Make sure that you remove any debris which may hinder your way whenever you are cutting. You can as well remove objects which you don’t want to damage anymore.

  1. Position the branch and your pole saw the device

With your branch ready for cutting, you need to reduce the weight on them. This will enable you to obtain very clean and minimize the capability of the branch to fall by the mid-cut that may lead to potential harm. Of course, when you take this step seriously, you cannot have more work with you. Make sure that no unwanted pressure left on the branches. You can as well tie it back if possible. This will facilitate clean and controlled cutting, thus giving you extra confidence.

  1. Prepare now for cutting

At this step, ensure to wear gloves that are non-slip for protection purposes. Any time the motor is running, make sure to maintain the grip on the unit. Use your right hand to grip the handle while the left side for pole shaft. Hold the machine firmly using your hands while placing your hands on the rear handle and pole shaft. Never attempt to use the left-handed grip, which put your body on the chain line. Additionally, do not stand directly below the limb that you are chopping.

  1. Cutting stance

Make sure that you have observed a maximum distance when cutting for you to be in a safe position. Cutting at stance is just a few steps from the branch you are cutting. Therefore, keeping a safe position prevents you from a direct hit by any falling branch when reducing. Once you position yourself to the right position, grab your pole, saw near to the chest level using a proper angle of the pole. Mostly, an angle of 60 degrees is suitable for many users depending on specific situations. Ensure to balance your weight with the ground by leaning to the left of the chain line.

  1. Power your cordless pole saw ON

Using the battery compartment, slide the battery to it until it fits entirely into the position. Turn the machine ON by holding and pushing the safety switch lock near the handle using your thumb as you squeeze the button trigger switch using your fingers. You can immediately release your safety lock switch once your pole saw the device starts running. Give your machine enough time to accelerate to high speed before you begin cutting.

  1. Pruning and limbing

Limbing involves the removal of branches from the fallen tree. Begin by cutting limbs one by one and remove the limbs from the work area so that your space remains safe and clean. To avoid binding the chain, you can cut the branches from the bottom. Pruning, on the other side, involves the trimming of limbs from a tree that has not fallen or merely a live tree. To achieve this, you need to make the first cut from the underside of the arm so that you can remain with a trunk. Next, you can make the second cut starting from the top side of the limb. Allow the chain to cut by exerting a little pressure without causing damages to the bar.

  1. Power off your machine

Once you finish, you can release the trigger. If you fail to follow the procedures of cutting, the chain and bar may bind and become pinched in the limb. Therefore, whenever this happens, you can stop the motor and remove the battery from the machine immediately.

  1. Clear debris

After successful cutting, it is good to remove all the twigs and branches which may scatter around the cutting area. You can be sure to move to the next branch once you have completed these steps.

How to Use a Cordless Pole Saw - pruning

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best cordless pole saw?

The best cordless pole saw usually is Greenworks 8.5 40V pole saw. It is the best overall since it has high ratings.

  • Is battery-powered pole saw any good?

Cordless pole saw provides maximum cutting ability conveniently with a battery-operated saw. The device is lightweight and simple to operate since it weighs 12.8 pounds.

  • What should I look for in a pole saw?

When you want to purchase the pole saw, it is good to consider the pole saw length. Notably, the size of your yard is another crucial consideration. Therefore, you need to have a high pole saw if your yard is large.


As you can see from our post above, it is straightforward to operate your cordless pole saw unless you want to complicate the process. Therefore, when cutting hard-to-reach branches using pole saw, you need to be careful enough and keep a safe position because it is dangerous. In case of any difficulties, you can call the professional arborist to complete the job on behalf.

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