How to Spruce Up Your Home For a Fast Sale

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Are you trying to sell your home quickly? Here are some top tips to help you make quick repairs and decorate so that it sells quickly. You’d love to sell your home as quickly as possible. However, achieving a fast sale is not always easy, especially when there’s a lot of competition nearby.

How to Spruce Up Your Home For a Fast Sale

But don’t worry! Here are four tips to help make your house sell fast.

Keep The Indoors Neat 

Moving from one home to another isn’t a simple project. While it’s exciting, there are many things to do, such as packing, sorting, and planning. However, if you’re trying to sell your home before moving out, you need to keep things neat during the packing process.

A tidy interior can help your potential buyer better envision how they would set their own rooms up. It also shows that you care about the sale and value quality. As for boxes, try to store them out of sight so they won’t be a distraction to anyone exploring your rooms. Or, if you’ve already moved out before making the deal, then make sure you give the floors a good cleaning.

Remove any obvious stains on the carpet. Clean your windows, including the sills to add to your curb appeal and first impression. By making your house the same quality as a new house, you’re setting yourself up for a fast sale.

Add Some Decor to Your Rooms

If your room was for sale, would you buy it?

Make your room as inviting as a bakery shop window filled with tasty treats. When you wow your potential buyer with the rooms in your home, then they will become more interested in a purchase.

Here are some decor ideas to help you make your rooms unique and inviting.

Hanging Laundry Baskets

These laundry baskets help offer more floor area – creating the illusion of a more spacious room and keeping your clothes organized at the same time.

Neutral Wall Colors 

Not all potential buyers may like your current paint colors. And if they need to repaint the rooms, it’ll cost them more time and money. However, neutral wall colors are more likely to appeal to everyone, helping you to attract a wider target market.

New Curtain Rods 

Replace curtain rods that look worn or dented with new ones that are neat and high-quality.

Little Fixes

If your doorknob isn’t turning as it should or your bed frame is missing a few chips of paint, then do some touchups to ensure everything works and is aesthetically appealing. To make the best room possible, try to view it from a buyer’s perspective. If your room itself was up for sale, would it be one you’d choose to purchase?

How to spruce up your home for a fast sale - home decor

Have Great Outdoor Appeal

First impressions are important when you’re seeking a fast sale. And while a neat interior is a big help, having positive outdoor appeal is nearly essential. To maximize your home’s curb appeal, consider the following tips.

Repaint the Front Door 

Your front door might already look fine, and if so you can skip this tip. However, if the paint is worn out, then a fresh splash of color might be just what you need! It can help your home sell for a higher price.

Repaint the Mailbox

Just like the door, if your mailbox is looking worn, give it a fresh coat of paint to make it shiny again. Also, make sure to do your research before painting. Some types of metal require you to put on a coat of primer first. This way, the new paint will stick well, rather than flaking off once it dries.

Wash the Exterior Walls

Over time, dirt and moisture can leave the exterior walls of your house looking slimy. This problem can be easily solved by giving them a good wash. However, before you start, learn the best way to clean your home’s siding since different types of material can vary in durability. This way, you’ll know you are cleaning the correct way and not accidentally damaging the outside of your home.

Keep the Lawn Well-Mowed

You never know when someone might spot your “for sale” sign. To stay on the safe side, always keep your lawn looking neat for potential buyers, even if you’ve already moved out.

Polish the Outside

Just as you would polish the inside of your home by removing carpet stains and sweeping up floors, the exterior of your house needs to be neat and clean. Jeff Stewart from says that yards that use bricks or stones for walking paths, walls, or flower bed edges can help a home sell more easily.

Stand Out From Similar Houses

Consider similar houses that have sold quickly in your area. What made them different from neighboring places?  Even though it’s unlikely that your neighbors are trying to sell at the same time as you, still work hard to make your house stand out from other homes on your street. For example, if you live in a very stormy area, you could add in hurricane-resistant windows.

Or, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, try a new welcome mat, beautiful wreath, or porch swing to make the potential buyer feel right at home. By putting in your best efforts to showcase quality, potential buyers will be more likely to notice and consider your home worth the amount you advertise.

Final Thoughts on Making a Fast Sale

Obtaining a fast sale for your home is not impossible. And by following these tips, you’re setting your home selling plans up for success! What do you think about achieving quick home sales? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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