How to shape a garden

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If you are not satisfied how the newly decorated room looks you can completely redecorate it with few simple things but in the garden the procedure is much more complicated. Once shaped garden can’t be easily reshaped and it is surely not cheap. Therefore, before you start with shaping of your garden take your time to read these few simple instructions and after that to carefully plan every part of the future garden before starting with the project. Garden should be shaped so it looks like a place for relaxation and enjoying. If you are decorating the garden yourself without professional help then take your time to read these few simple rules and guidelines:

How to shape a garden - garden set

The shape of the garden must be in accordance with the natural surroundings and it is even better when you plan your garden as an extension of the elements in the surroundings. In that way your garden will look more natural and in harmony with the surroundings. Be careful when selecting plants always choose plants which are native or adapted for your climate conditions. Always choose more types of plants and your garden will look beautiful through all four seasons.
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The part of the garden intended for relaxation and hanging out must be located in the south, south-east or south-west part of the garden. Also it is good that this area has the direct link to the kitchen for practical reasons. If you entering the house through the garden then make special attention when shaping it because it is the mirror of your house. Make extra attention to details like driveway, paths, parking area, garden lights etc.
How to shape a garden - vegetable garden

If you are planning a vegetable garden place him on the borders of your garden except if you want to use it like a decoration like in the picture above. It is best to have a vegetable garden in wooden or plastic boxes because it is nice to look at and because there is almost no mess.

Garden paths are one of the key elements of every garden. You must adapt the shape of the paths with the composition of surrounding plants (trees, hedges, etc.). If you have a small garden then it is best to put the path near the border area of the garden because otherwise you will ruin the shape of the garden. It is also a good idea to add some garden furniture to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort.
How to shape a garden - garden paths

Always plan a garden keeping in mind the maintenance works. Your garden will not be beautiful for a long time if you have no space to maintain it. When sowing plants keep in mind to put the tall one in the back and the low ones up front. Also keep in mind the amount of sun for the specific area and always read the manual on the seeds to learn how much sun a specific plant needs.
How to shape a garden - flowers

Also be careful when choosing flowers and keep in mind the colors of the flowers. Saw the colors that match next to each other and you will have a nice contrast in the garden. Also, with the appropriate line of colors you can make your garden look bigger or smaller depending on your wishes.

A boring garden is not the effect you want to achieve, so choose something pleasing and full of interest. Be sure to look around you. The surrounding landscape is one of the best resources for your garden design. Take note of its contours and its curves. Mimic these in the garden for a more natural appearance.

Gardens require a sense of direction. If the garden lacks focus, regardless its shape, it will also appear boring. Gardens without a sense of direction are best fixed by giving them some definition, a purpose or function. Focal points, such as benches, sculptures or large architectural plantings, help achieve this. Create focal points that draw the eyes toward the garden’s most attractive features. Add seating to areas where you want others to view.

Hide unattractive areas with creative screening. Repeating features, such as similar plants and objects, can also provide interest. A well-focused garden is a great way to spruce up a dull layout.

One of the greatest things about the garden is the fact that it can easily change whenever needed. So if the current garden shape design isn’t what you’d like it to be, if it seems uninviting or lacking something, don’t let it burden you. Take comfort in the fact that this is an easy fix with the right garden shape ideas.
How to shape a garden - beautiful garden

It doesn’t matter if your garden is small or big you can always play with garden elements like fences, paths, ponds, fountains, benches, little walls etc. But keep in mind that the garden is a place for relaxation and don’t over do it with the elements. We hope that these advices will make you want to decorate your garden right now but we advise you to write it all down and sketch it on paper before you start your shopping and shaping your garden. When your visualization of your unique garden is complete you can start with the project and good luck.

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