Landscaping Ideas on How to Design Your Garden

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Making improvements to your home’s landscaping is a great way to raise the value of your property and significantly increase the quality of life in your outdoor spaces. Landscaping by professionals like helps add warmth, texture, and color to your outdoor areas and creates an excellent environment for family and guests to relax and enjoy drinks on a sunny afternoon.

Landscaping ideas on how to design your garden

Whether you want to improve your backyard, front yard or the entire outdoor area, there are plenty of exciting landscaping options to consider. Below are some great landscaping ideas to spruce up your outdoor spaces.

Greet Your Guests with Flowers

Flowers have a way of making homes seem more welcoming. Fill your entrance with assorted annual and perennial flowers to keep your home colorful all year round. The amount of space you are working with does not matter. If you have a long driveway leading up to the entrance, you can have a beautiful rose garden (or other flowers of your choice) planted on each side of the pathwalk.

If you only have a small space to work with between the street and your house, try building a low fence in the front yard and filling it up with flowers and vines. In addition to adding to the aesthetic quality of your front yard, a small fence creates an impression that your house is farther from the street.

Plant Rambling Vines

You can never deny how romantic having beautiful vines winding around columns and fences, especially if you’ve picked a delicate, flowering vine. These vines work excellent on the fences and other structures in your backyard where the vines can spread out. A great species to try is Clematis due to its beautiful blossoms of purple, blue, pink, red, or white color.

Landscaping ideas on how to design your garden - decorative vines

Use Planters and Baskets to Add Height

The last thing you want is one-dimensional landscape design. Hanging baskets and elevated planters can help add some lovely, eye-catching layers to your outdoor area. Layers create visual interest instantly with their sea of vibrant color from high to low. For the best results, each basket should have three types of plants; one that hangs over the edges, one that fills up the basket, and a tall one that conspicuously shoots out from the center.

Evergreen Screen Garden

A screen of evergreen plants can be used to hide eyesores to enhance your property. They also come in handy along the fence or border of your property if you want to have privacy all year round.

Water Garden

A water garden is an excellent landscaping feature to add to your residential garden. The small size of a water garden perfect for people working with small spaces such as decks, patios or terraces. You can have a water garden in a bucket or a larger container if you need it. Some great plants to try on your water garden are Chinese evergreens, Common Ivy, Spiderwort, and Philodendron.

Landscaping ideas on how to design your garden - water garden

Crevice Garden

A crevice garden works perfectly on a patio or terrace. All you need to do is remove a few pavers and plant a few small flowering plants and sprawling perennials.

Plant a Kitchen Garden

Nothing beats always having fresh herbs and spices in your backyard that you can pick any day and use to cook up a delicious meal. A pleasant kitchen garden should have raised beds to allow for better control over soil quality. If space is small, consider having an indoor herb box filled with your favorite herbs and spices next to your kitchen window.  The yard is one of the most underused spaces in most homes.

With quality landscaping, you can transform an ordinary backyard or front yard into a beautiful work of art which is both attractive and functional. It not only adds to your home’s value but also helps you create a stunning outdoor living space that you’ll love.

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