How To Replace a G9 Light Bulb

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G9 light bulbs provide a superb low wattage lighting solution and they’re easy to install. They’re often used as desk lights, pendant lights, and even as a lighting set under drawers and cabinets.

How To Replace a G9 Light Bulb

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How Do You Change the Light Bulb?

Here are some simple steps to ensure you are changing your light bulb correctly: 

Switch Off the Power Source 

It’s essential that you switch off the power before doing anything else, to prevent yourself from being electrocuted or seriously injured. Unplug the light source, if possible. If you’re not sure that the light is really off, it’s better to turn that breaker or fuse off completely before you begin.  

Don’t Touch The Bulb

When you change the bulb, remember not to touch it with your fingers. Put a cloth over your hand when you remove the bulb, or wear gloves so that you don’t touch it. The oil on your skin can ruin the bulb or make it last a shorter period of time. Even if you are wearing gloves, make sure your hands are dry before you touch the bulb. 

Let The Bulb Cool Down Before You Touch It

After you turn the lights off, wait for a few minutes before you change the bulb. First, test if the light bulb is cool enough to handle before you change it. 

Use a Ladder or a Stable Chair To Change Bulbs You Can’t Reach

Stand on something sturdy if you need to reach up to change the light bulb. Use a chair or step stool that props you up in a way that you can reach and see the bulb easily. Never stand on your tiptoes to reach a bulb; you need to be on a stable surface to replace the bulb properly without the risk of falling.  

Replace the Bulb With One of the Same Type

Make sure you replace your G9 bulb with one of the same type. When you buy the replacement, make sure it also has the same wattage. If you’re unsure as to what kind to buy, unscrew the bulb from its fixture and look for a label that will tell you the voltage, type and wattage. 

How To Replace a G9 Light Bulb - G9 light bulb

Loosen the Bulb 

Twist or pull on the enclosure, if necessary. You’ll be able to pull some of the halogen bulbs out directly, while a clip or outer ring will hold some of the others in place. Do not use force to loosen the bulb. 

Remove the Bulb

You should be able to pull the G9 bulb straight out, without twisting it. Grasp the bulb with your covered fingers or a tool, and pull it outwards. The prongs will come loose and you’ll be able to remove the bulb. 

Install The New Bulb

  • Keep your fingers covered while you remove the new bulb from its packaging. Double-check that it’s the correct bulb that will fit the fixture. 
  • Push the prongs into the grooves of the fixture until they’re fully connected. If you have to push hard, check if there is something blocking the path of the prongs. 
  • If you need to do so, twist your bulb to the right to lock it into place. 
  • If you have removed any protective covering, reattach it. 
  • Reattach any outer fixtures such as a metal ring or trim. 
  • Turn your power back on to check if the new bulb works. Once you’ve finished installing the bulb, plug all the cords back in before turning on your new light bulb. 

Final Thoughts

As long as you follow these steps and necessary safety procedures, you should be able to install your G9 light bulb with no trouble at all. Remember to switch off the power before you start the installation process, as you can get electrocuted or seriously injured, even if you’re only installing a light bulb. 

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