How to mow a lawn professionally

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Using a mower to maintain your lawn can significantly improve the look of your house. And to make your landscaping business successful, you have to consider it like a real business and not a chore or hobby.

How to mow a lawn professionally

But how to mow a lawn professionally? Whether you live in the countryside or you are planning a project in the suburbs, here’s our simple yet cost-effective guide to keep your lawn looking healthy.

Which must-have equipment do you need to mow a lawn professionally?

To start your lawn mowing business, you will need various pieces of equipment to make things go incredibly smoothly. Here is our short list of mowing tools recommended by experts:


It will not take a lot of time to shop around for a wide variety of commercial lawn mowers, most of which are self-propelled. They are not only the most common but also the most effective models, which all gardeners love and greatly appreciate after having spent several hours crisscrossing large gardens covered with green grass in the scorching heat. A standard walk-behind lawn mower is a necessity for small jobs and hill cleanup. A riding model comes in handy in bigger jobs and the best riding lawn mowers can be very versatile for different tasks in your garden. And you absolutely want a unit with a floating deck which provides an awesome finished cut for a project on mowing hills.

Other landscaping necessities

How to mow a lawn professionally - landscaping necessities

  • Leaf blower, edger, trimmer, wheelbarrow, sprayer, and spreaders
  • Digging tools: square-edged and pointed shovels, pocket-sized dandelion tool, spade, square-tined spading fork, pick, scuffle hoe, and mattock
  • Cutting tools: loppers, pruners with a sheath, small or medium-sized pruning saw, blade sharpener, and gas- or electric-powered hedge cutter for shaping topiaries
  • Grading tools: gas-powered tamper, hand tamper, lawn roller – heavy equipment filled with water helps level lawns
  • Measuring tools: tape and measuring wheel
  • Marking tools: chalk wheel and flagging tape
  • Protective gardening gear like gloves, proper clothing, and other safety items

How to mow a lawn professionally?

To complete your chore like a lawn care expert, you should learn some basic gardening knowledge to do it perfectly or fix some common problems. Rather than cutting it short, you have to keep it gorgeous.

How to mow a lawn professionally - mowing

Tip 1: Know when to mow a lawn

Mowing a lawn is a stressful task itself, and doing it during the hottest time of the day will give you some extra stress. It’s better to begin your work in the middle or late morning before it gets too hot but the morning dew on grass has almost dried off.

Tip 2: How much should you cut?

Rule of thumb: Cut your grass only a little off at the same time. If you think that cutting your grass as much as possible is best as you do not have to mow regularly; then you’ve got a mistake! When it comes to the grass cutting height, you should do it when the grass is approximately one third higher than the standard mowing height. For your first lawn mowing project of the year, you should place your lawn mower’s sharp blade high and slowly lower it with every single cut until achieving the desired height. Expect to stress all the plant stems if you cut your lawn too much too quickly!

Tip 3: Wear proper safety gear

To protect yourself from dirt and flying debris, you need to be covered with loose clothing, long pants, and heavy shoes.

Tip 4: Apply various cutting styles

Varying the direction will help the grass stand up much straighter. So, each time you mow a lawn, it is wise to apply various directions. Whether it is horizontally, vertically, or overlapping, you should switch up the way you cut your lawn until it is even.

How much does this lawn mowing project cost?

A self-propelled lawn mower is the most important device in your lawn mowing project. Expect to pay from $400 to $1,000 for a reliable model.

How to mow a lawn professionally - lawn project

Lawn Care Know-How

  • Make sure that there are no people, especially children and animals in your working area
  • Mow new grass once every three or four weeks
  • Don’t mow wet grass!


Even though mowing a lawn seems like a common and simple task, most gardeners get it wrong.

With our article about “How to mow a lawn professionally,” making your landscaping business successful is not a daunting task anymore.

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    Very informative article and something I have some interest in.My old lawn mower was a lug around flymo, having said that I picked it up for nothing so cant complain. However due to changes in circumstances I managed to pick up a cordless lawn mower from Warrior Eco Power Equipment and have never looked back. Its a great garden tool to use, very light and self propelled. The bag is big enough to hold the full cut of my small garden and the re-charge is pretty quick at around 40 mins.

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