The Finest Wheelbarrow: A Complete Buying Guide for Powered Wheelbarrows

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A powered or motorized wheelbarrow has the capacity to load any material weighing around 200 lbs. to 700 lbs., even more, depending on the type. This makes it an ideal type of equipment for any work that requires you to carry and transport heavy materials, like rocks, rubbles, tree branches, lawn debris, and anything that needs transporting.

Buying Guide for Powered Wheelbarrows

Since it’s a powered machine, it makes the work a lot faster and easier, allowing you to do more and complete the work more effectively.

Getting the Right Wheelbarrow for You

If a family member, neighbor, or someone you trust tells you that they have found the perfect wheelbarrow and recommends you to it, don’t get too carried away. Keep in mind that what works perfectly for others may not work for you at all. Each household has different backyard needs. To be sure, it’s important that you have a great idea about wheelbarrows.

To start, determine where you’ll use the wheelbarrow. This will help you further determine the features, size, price, and other factors when buying one.

3 Types of Wheelbarrows

There are three wheelbarrow types, all having their shared and unique features. The type you’re going to get will depend on your preferences and your backyard’s condition.


The most advanced type is electric wheelbarrow. This means it’s also the most expensive. The start-up cost and maintenance will surely affect your budget. However, it comes with accessories and other features that will really come in handy although it will still all boil down to your backyard needs.


As the name implies hybrid wheelbarrows come with the classic design but with modern features. They were not so popular before as they only come in single or double wheels. Today, some have three to four wheels, which made them a favorite choice for many.


The hill-use is not really an official type but it’s worth mentioning here. If you live in a hilly area, then you should opt for a wheelbarrow that is easy to use. It should be lightweight and easy to control. Go for something that is made from a plastic type with wheels that are lubricated well.

Features of Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows have a variety of parts that allow for several features and customizations. Getting familiar with them will greatly help you in choosing the right motorized wheelbarrow for you.

Weight Capacity

Buying Guide for Powered Wheelbarrows - weight capacity

The weight capacity of each wheelbarrow will depend on the manufacturer, their design, materials, etc. For your backyard, it’s ideal to get a wheelbarrow that is lightweight but still capable of heavy loads.

Load Tray

The load tray can be made from different materials including plastic, wood, and metal. The heavier the metal, the greater the weight capacity. However, this will also mean the entire wheelbarrow itself is heavier. Determine your needs and get the material type that can meet all of them.


Here are some things when considering the tires of your wheelbarrow:


The tires of wheelbarrows can also be made from different materials. The most popular tire types are the pneumatic ones. They are like tires from cars that are filled with air. They can run seamlessly in any type of ground. Some wheelbarrows that are more affordable are made with plastic tires. They are less preferred as they can easily break down.


Buying Guide for Powered Wheelbarrows - number of tires

Wheelbarrows can come with one to four tires. The traditional type is the one with a single tire. This could be difficult to operate, especially when carrying heavy loads. However, you can maneuver them easily. Others have two tires for more stability. The most advanced are those that come with four tires, which makes it a lot easier to operate when carrying heavy loads.

Ball Bearings

Another factor that affects the quality of your tires is their ball bearings. They play an important role in the smoothness of your tires and the weight capacity of your wheelbarrow. Make sure to check that they are high-quality and from a reliable brand.

Cargo Volume

Buying Guide for Powered Wheelbarrows - cargo volume

This refers to space on how much you can put into your powered wheelbarrow. Some tend to focus too much on weight capacity without considering the space. Planning ahead on what your wheelbarrow is for will help you choose the ideal cargo volume.

Rust Resistance

Since the wheelbarrow is for outdoor use, it’s essential to get something that is highly resistant to rust. Stainless steel is the best option for this, but you can go for the plastic type. You just have to be careful that it’s not exposed to the sun too much to avoid damage.


Each time you make a purchase, always check the warranty. A motorized wheelbarrow is quite expensive, so make sure you are investing in something good. Some companies offer better warranties, so check what is included in yours and if it’s suitable for you.


A powered wheelbarrow is a useful tool in taking care of your backyard. It makes the work faster and more convenient, which allows you to do other tasks in a short time. Get the best one for your needs and make sure to get the one that has great quality with a long lifespan.

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