How to make a DIY wine rack

If you want to have a choice of wines after dinner for your guests then you’ll need a wine rack. Store bought wine racks are expensive and it’s hard to find one made from solid wood. Also, you can craft a DIY wine rack of all sizes and shapes according to your desires and the space you have in your kitchen or pantry. You can make it out of all kinds of wood as well, including cherry, oak, pine, walnut, barn wood and more. They may look elegant and complex, but they are actually quite easy to make.

DIY wine rack

With this simple style of construction, you can easily adjust the size and add wine glass holders, shelves and more. In this tutorial we’ll explain how to make a wine rack for 20 bottles and around 12 wine glasses.

Required materials and tools

You really don’t need many tool for this project. All you need is a table saw or hand saw, and a small nail gun. Also, you need a paint brush, paint roller and the desired wood paint in order to fully personalize your new DIY wine rack.

Wine rack measurements are 19-1/4″ wide x 12″ deep, x 36-1/2″ tall. You’ll need six standard 1” x 6” x 6’ boards or the equivalent in board feet of any size lumber for the entire frame.

Cutting and making small ladders

Use the table saw or hand saw to cut 10 boards 36-1/2″ long and 60 boards 12″ long. Also cut 4 pieces of 19-1/4″ boards for the frame. And that’s all cutting you need to do for the entire project. If you want to place your wine rack into existing cabinet then you need to adjust those 10 boards to the exact height of the cabinet and then you don’t need those 6 pieces for the frame.

Now it’s time to make 5 “small ladders”. Use 2 boards 36-1/2″ long and 6 boards 12″ long to make small ladders. Place the first small board 1 inch from the beginning of the long boards and nail it with a nail gun. Then place the next 4 boards 3,5″ apart (that is the space in which most of wine bottles will fit) and nail them to the frame. The last board you need to place one inch from the opposite end and nail it to the frame. Now you’ve assembled your first small ladder and you need to repeat the process for the rest 4 small ladders.

the pieces of DIY wine rack

Assembling DIY wine rack

Your new DIY wine rack is almost done. If you’re making wine rack inside the cabinet then you must attach your ladders to the cabinet with L brackets. The space between two ladders must be 3,5″. If you’re making the standalone version then you must connect the top of your ladders with those 6 pieces for the frame which we cut earlier. Three boards goes on the top, and three boards go to the bottom. The boards go at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the ladders at 90 degrees angle. The space between the ladders are again 3,5″. You connect the boards to the ladder from the top with a nail gun or you can use L brackets as well. When you connect all 6 frame pieces your new wine rack is completed.

It’s now up to your how will you paint your new wine rack or add some extra features to it.

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