How To Make A Mindmap

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Almost anytime that I have to try to learn something new, I visualize it in my mind. While visualization is most often associated with learning techniques, you can also use it when you are trying to make decisions or when you are looking for creative solutions. Now if you do not know what a mindmap is and how to make a mindmap, then this article would be excellent for your needs.

How To Make A Mindmap

However, even if you are familiar with mind maps already this article will help improve your ability to draw them up quickly and effectively.

Getting Started With Gathering Mind Mapping Tools

The very first thing that you will need to do is gather all materials that you want in your mind map in one location where they will remain undisturbed until it is time to draw them up. The materials that you will want for your mind map typically consist of a pen and some paper. However, if you are using a mind map maker then there is no reason why you cannot use it in place of pen and paper. Visit Venngage to make use of a mind map maker.

Beginning To Draw

Now that you have found your position and gathered your materials, the next step is to clear your mind as much as possible so that you can draw up a map with no mental blocks or distractions whatsoever. Just take some deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth until you feel calm, peacefully relaxed, yet ready to go.

Begin Drawing

Now slowly close your eyes and picture yourself standing before a large blank white screen. This will represent your paper or computer monitor that appears empty at first glance but still has infinite possibilities for what it could become once it is filled with thoughts, ideas, concepts, events, etc. In your mind, take a few steps forward so that you are standing directly in front of this empty screen. It is now time to begin drawing as if it were a movie director who was creating the very first scene of his film. If you do not know anything about filmmaking, let me tell you something about how these screens work. At some point during the process of shooting, all elements for any given scene get placed onto paper cards or pieces of wood which get divided up into different categories such as male characters, female characters, props, etc. These cards will eventually be arranged by the director and placed on the ground before him in an order that he prefers them to appear at some point during his shoot of that particular scene.

Very similar to this, you want to visualize yourself placing your cards or pieces of wood onto the blank screen. The order of these cards and the way that they will be placed on the paper is not nearly as important as it is for a filmmaker because you will eventually be able to move and edit them any way that you like once they appear on paper or monitor screen. So basically what you want to do is think of all the different categories that make up your subject and then visualize yourself placing the material into each corresponding category.

online communication mindmap

For example, if you were creating a mindmap about how to make a sandwich, the headings of your map could consist of things such as:

* Bread

* Meat – Tuna – Cheese – Ham – Turkey – Roast Beef etc.

* Vegetables – Lettuce – Tomato etc.

Once these headings have been placed on the paper or monitor screen in whatever order they appear inside your head, then go ahead and place the rest of the materials that apply into their respective categories as well. This typically involves visualizing yourself putting additional cards or pieces of wood into each category until there is nothing left that applies to it any longer. However, this does not need to be a perfect process at all—just go with whatever works best for you.

The End Of Drawing – Now open your eyes and use the materials that you placed onto the paper or monitor screen to begin drawing your mind map design in whatever way is most comfortable for you. I will typically start with the main heading of my map (in this case “How To Make A Sandwich”) which tends to be at or near the top center of my paper or computer monitor before moving down into each category with their respective materials. When finished, do not forget to sign your name in some way where it will remain visible since you must sign any mindmaps that you create for them to be considered legitimate by our society. Also remember that when you are done though, nothing is stopping you from revisiting these cards and materials and rearranging them as you like, whether it’s a manual mind map or a mind map online.

renewable energy mindmap

Take Your Time

The truth is that like all things, the more time and patience that you put into it, the better your mindmap will turn out in the end. I know how hard it can be to fight those urges that tell you now is not a good time to do such a thing because of this or that but once you tell yourself that now is as good a time as any then making mindmap becomes easier. Trust me on this one – there’s nothing magical about what we’re doing here – we’re just making an infographic so take your time and go with whatever feels right for you.

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