How to install a USB wall outlet

USB chargers are often misplaced, they don’t look good and usually you can charge only one device at the time. With a nice looking USB wall outlet the situation is completely different, it looks nice, there are no bulky chargers in wall sockets and you can charge six or even more devices at the same time, depending on the model of your chosen outlet. The installation is very simple and you don’t need any prior knowledge about electricity to install an USB wall outlet.

usb outlet

When electricity is mentioned most people don’t want to mess with it but installing a USB wall outlet is really a simple task that anyone can do in 10 minutes. First of all you have to disconnect the power to the wall socket by changing the position of the fuse for the room in which you are installing the outlet. Then you have to check if you switched the correct fuse with the tester screwdriver. The tester screwdriver lights up if there is power in the socket. Don’t put the power back on until you finished with mounting the outlet.This video gives you detailed instructions on how to change your ordinary wall socket with USB wall outlet. In the video there is 5 wires because it is a double socket but you will normally have 3 wires if you have a single socket. Also in the video the there is a USB outlet with two USB slots and two power socket but there a various USB outlets on the market with various combinations.

Required tools: 1. Screwdriver; 2. Tester Screwdriver 3. Pliers and 4. USB wall outlet

Video source: CYBEReview

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