How to hang up wall art without damaging the wall

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Have you just moved into a new house or apartment and don’t want to drill holes in the walls to put up art or picture and lose your security deposit? Anyone these days could call themselves an interior designer with a little bit of practice and a few quick google searches. It can be fun to delve into your creative side and spruce up your home with a few DIY projects here and there. One of the best ways to change up your home is by hanging up wall art but sometimes you can’t damage the walls because you don’t own them, or maybe you don’t want to spend time and money repairing them later on down the line if you have to move.

How to hang up wall art without damaging the wall

Never fear though, you can still decorate your home by following these 5 tips on how to hang up wall art without damaging the wall.

Adhesive strips

One of the cheapest and easiest way to hang up wall art is by using adhesive strips or hooks. They can typically hold anywhere from 3 to 16 pounds (1.3 kg to 7.2 kg) per strip and are very easily accessible from any hardware store. They aren’t so expensive so there is no point in buying the cheapest ones, spend a tiny bit more on better quality ones that will last longer and hold up more weight. According to Art Frill, who sells modern and luxury wall art, adhesive strips tend to work better with things such as posters because they are much lighter than full on frames with canvas paintings in them. Not to mention, posters are a great cheap alternative to paintings, especially Art Frill’s posters, and are great if you don’t want to damage the walls if you don’t own the place.

Use the rail moulding

If you want to go for a slightly different look and don’t mind the aesthetic of strings hanging down your wall, a great option would be to use the rail molding to hold up your artwork. Newer houses unfortunately will probably not have these but if you find yourself in an older house you can definitely take advantage of this hack. This is a fun and easy alternative trick that doesn’t require you to use any nails while also letting you hang you artwork at different desired heights.

Use a grid board

This one might take a bit more manual labour when doing the DIY building part of the project. This is one that you won’t even need to attach to your wall, it can be free standing or leaning against the wall if it needs any support. Looking kind of like a trellis, you can put it behind your sofa, or lean it against a statements wall for a unique look. From there you just use whatever clips that work to clip you artwork to the grid structure in whatever formation you think best suits the area.

How to hang up wall art without damaging the wall - wall art

Brick clamp

This is an interesting and more creative idea for those living in a house or apartment with exposed face brick walls on the inside. Using brick clamps is by far the easiest solution for hanging up wall art without drilling into the wall and risking damaging the beautiful face brick work that would be difficult to patch if it the art is removed. How can purchase large packs from any hardware store, that are extremely easy to use, and don’t damages your wall in the slightest.

Use your mantel

If you have a fireplace, decorative or functioning, placing your art work on the mantle is by far the easiest, cheapest, and quickest way to put the art up without even bothering to hang it up. While posters and paintings can be propped up against the wall it might be a good idea to get some kind of frame or stand just to ensure that they will stay in place and have no risk of falling off in the middle of the middle of the night or with a sudden gust of wind. This will also help to make the fire place a statement feature of the room by drawing even more attention to it will colour and design. If you are worried about damaging your walls with nails and hooks, there are an abundance of options out there available to you, you just need to find exactly what works for you.

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