Should You Replace Your Bathtub with a Shower?

A bathtub is a lavish bathroom accessory that is adorned by homeowners with large spaces. However, if you have a bathroom with a moderate area, to make it appear spacious, you are recommended to replace it with a shower. When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, a spacious walk-in shower is the best thing worth considering. For all the upgrades like better fixtures, new paint, etc., replacing a bathtub with a shower, one needs to get a plumber in Brisbane.

Should You Replace Your Bathtub with a Shower

Pulling out a bathtub may sound tricky at first thought. The bathroom is an essential part of your abode, which also needs to be updated like other rooms. The bathroom in despair decreases the home value.

Resale Value – Shower Vs. Bathtub

Compared to a bathtub, a shower can add more value to your house. The reason is simple: today’s hectic lifestyle doesn’t spare much time for the maintenance of a bathtub. Also, it takes more time to take a bath in a tub than a quick shower. Hence, people prefer to shower as an efficient and fast way to take a bath. A house with families and kids around may prefer at least one bathroom with a bathtub so that the kids can enjoy their leisure time enjoying a bath. However, they will still emphasize having a shower set up in their master bedroom as it is easy to maintain.

Here are the main factors which one must consider before replacing a bathtub with a shower:


Cost plays a significant role in deciding whether you should replace your bathtub with a shower or not. If you want to freshen up the décor of your bathroom, replacing a few fixtures can help. However, a complete makeover of your bathroom, including the pulling out of your bathtub and installing a shower involves a considerable cost of $2000 or more.

Should You Replace Your Bathtub with a Shower - walk in shower

Space considerations

It is the reason why homeowners prefer a shower over a bathtub. Most of the cramped bathrooms, it is highly recommended to go for a shower fitting by replacing the old bathtub as it helps in opening up a lot of space. Bathtubs, on average, occupy half of the bathroom space, making it appear congested. Just pulling it out may turn your bathroom more spacious, vibrant, and relaxing.

Energy Efficient

A bathtub requires a minimum of 30 gallons of water at one time of bath. The heating cost associated with heating such large quantities of water is also enormous. Hence, choosing a shower over a bathtub helps you to save water and energy bills. As far as the shower is concerned, it takes 15-20 gallons of water.

If you are considering replacing your bathtub with an elite shower, it is recommended to schedule a meeting with a licensed plumber in Brisbane to schedule a consultation. To help you with the aesthetic choices, a qualified plumber can help you with some basic parameters like maximum shower stall size appropriate for your bathroom and other aspects.

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