How to Construct Paver Walkways

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Pleasant features to include in any garden or carefully landscaped area will be paver walkways. These are walkways which will allow people to move freely around and which also delight the eye by providing a pleasing paved appearance. Traditionally, such features have been made of stone of different types, but increasingly these walkways have been built using manufactured composite materials.

How to Construct Paver Walkways

Composites are increasingly being used for paver walkways for a number of reasons. They are relatively easy to manufacture in large quantities and are cheap to make; in fact, they are much cheaper than natural stone. They can be textured according to the effect of the stone being created. For example, slate has a different texture to the surface of granite, and the texture of a composite block may be fashioned to easily look like either, or anything in between.

The individual slabs used in paver walkways will be quite light and therefore easy to carry. For the same reason they will be easy to assemble on site, and they can always be re-arranged to form a different pattern very easily because of their lightweight qualities. It is also due to these same lightweight aspects that the construction of such pathways may be done quite inexpensively, as the whole thing may be done by one man. If the blocks were heavy it could take two men to carry them, but light composite units are easily moved and placed in the ground, arranged to best advantage, re-arranged to try out different patterns, and so on. Such as exercise can also be carried out quite quickly for the same reason.

How to construct paver walkways - beautiful walkway

Paver walkways are usually decorative in nature. Of course, they can be straight and functional if that is what the specification requires, but such features are best used for visual effect, which is where the eye of the artist comes in; a good designer, such as a qualified landscape architect, will be able to use the landscape to best advantage when designing such a walkway to look great and also delightful to use.

For this reason, paver walkways are usually curved. They will be found to have either one long continuous curve (rather than consisting of a straight line going from point A to point B) or a series of curves joining different features in a landscape together in order to create beautiful aesthetic whole. Indeed, such decorative and artistic methods have been employed in landscape gardening and landscape architecture for centuries, the first and foremost exponents having been such famous luminaries as Capability Brown and Inigo Jones, whose works largely survive and can be admired today.

Whatever the aesthetic properties of paver walkways, their structural importance cannot be overstated. Because, unless the material and fabric of the items in question are not constructed well and maintained in the best of conditions, the daily wear and tear will tend to grind down their appearance and their effectiveness as a means of walking around. Therefore the best construction techniques and materials must always be used and the features must be properly maintained.

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