How Often Should My Garage Door Be Serviced?

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Your garage door requires regular maintenance so that it functions at its highest capacity. However, the amount of maintenance that is necessary will be dependent upon how frequently the garage door is used. You can check for the signs that your garage door may show when it needs maintenance.

How Often Should My Garage Door Be Serviced

Knowing when your garage door needs repair will help you fix it before it stops working.

How Often Garage Doors Should Be Serviced

Your garage door may be showing signs of wear and tear over time. With the help of a professional garage door repair company, you can service your garage door with the guarantee that it will continue working.

Smoothness of Operation

If you notice that your garage door halts, pauses, or jolts as it is opening and closing, then it may need additional maintenance. Garage doors are highly mechanical and are made with a lot of parts. If you notice kinks in its operation, then it may need a checkup.

Noise Control

The door may be making strange whining sounds, clicks, or other noises. When your door is making loud noises or squeaking, it may be a simple issue of lubrication. A professional can provide the correct oil for the gears on the door. They can also check the door for deeper issues that may be causing the noise. It is possible that it may require additional maintenance, as some parts may need to be completely replaced.

Door Opener Malfunctioning

In some instances, your door may open only manually. You can check this by trying to open the door without the opener. If you have a remote control, it may need a battery or a replacement. If it can’t open manually and the remote control has a new battery, perhaps it is that the powertrain on the door opener needs to be replaced. A professional technician can investigate this issue and decide what is necessary.

How Often Should My Garage Door Be Serviced - servicing

Door Opener Works But Won’t Move

There is the chance that the door itself has unmoving parts, although the door won’t function. If the door opener is working, but the door still won’t open, it could be for a number of reasons. It can be jammed, or the wheels are not aligned with its track. You can find out what the issue is by having a technician troubleshoot and test the door to see what the problem is.

There is Broken Glass

If your door has built-in windows, you can check to see if the windows have cracks or openings in them. Cracked glass may not pose a problem now, but it can shatter unexpectedly and injure you. If the windows aren’t cracked but are not sealed, this can be an insulation issue. Hot or cold air can leak in or out of the garage door, which can reduce the energy efficiency of the door. It can also prevent the weather from leaking in, as rain can leak in without a proper seal.

Door Alignment

If your door is not moving correctly, it is likely that it is not properly aligned with its tracks. You can have your technician check by moving the door manually and seeing which wheels are misaligned.

Maintaining Your Garage Door

You can learn more and read about garage doors here: Contact a professional to receive additional help managing your garage door.

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