How Much Does AC Repair Cost in New Mexico?

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Air conditioners are one of the conveniences of the modern age we really enjoy. The option to adjust the temperature of the rooms in just a few clicks allows us to provide ourselves and our families with maximum comfort, especially in warmer areas like New Mexico. Still, air conditioners have their lifespan. It’s affected by the device quality, regularity of maintenance, and the way you use it. Here are some handy tips on making your AC unit as efficient as possible with optimal energy consumption. Despite all that, you’ll probably face more or less complex failures during the unit lifetime.

fixing indoor AC unit

You can fix minor AC issues, like replacing the filter or changing a battery in a thermostat, yourself. However, for those more complex problems that are difficult to detect or you don’t have enough knowledge and tools to handle them on your own, calling a professional AC technician is the right thing to do. The prices of their services vary depending on why you need them, and here’s what you can expect if you live in New Mexico.

Costs of AC Repairs in New Mexico

The price you can pay for the services of an AC technician in New Mexico varies considerably. In general, it can be from $100 for a technician to come out on the spot just to inspect your unit to several thousand dollars for replacing the compressor or air handler. And the repair complexity is just one of the factors that affect the price of AC repair.

The Breakdown Complexity

AC units are simple to operate, especially wall-mounted models. But there are a lot of parts inside that have to work in synergy for optimal unit functioning. In that complex circuit, many things can go wrong, resulting in a wide range of malfunctions that will require the help of an AC technician. Problems with your air conditioning can be as simple as a leaky hose or a broken thermostat. Fixing minor leaks, freon refill, and cleaning or replacing the clogged filter won’t cost much. The same goes for capacitor repair, which you’ll pay about $400 because its replacement can take only an hour. Simple troubleshooting doesn’t cost more than $100. As for complex malfunctions, their price largely depends on the system area where they happen, the price of the replacement part, as well as the brand and model of the device itself. Compressor issues on cheaper AC units can cost up to $2,000, while high-end models can double or triple that price. Among the more expensive failures are leaks in fan coils, blower engine issues, and problems with the condenser.

testing outdoor AC unit

Unit Accessibility

To troubleshoot the AC problem and perform the repair, seasoned New Mexico technicians you can find on have to approach these units, and that’s not always easy so the prices may vary depending on the services that they have performed and the time and effort spent. However, rest assured that everything is reasonably priced. For example, a problem can arise if a malfunction occurs on the outdoor unit of the AC device in the apartment located in the building. The height and position of this unit can be problematic, and the technicians must secure themselves, use additional equipment, or possibly bring help to solve the problem efficiently and safely. It’s clear why costs increase in this case. On the other hand, if technicians deal with a cooling system in a single-story house, which can be easily accessed even without a ladder, you won’t have extra costs. However, the problem can be with tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas or with houses of older construction where new-generation air conditions are mounted.

Labor and Spare Parts Costs

AC technicians charge for their work by the hour, while going to the spot and diagnosing is generally a fixed cost of a few dozen to $150 in New Mexico. Of course, after that, it’s necessary to solve the detected defect. That entails additional costs, which mainly depend on the price of the replacement part (from a few dollars to several hundred dollars) and the technicians’ rates. As for the price of the work itself, it comes in a range of $70 to $150, and it covers travel costs and technicians’ wages. More experienced contractors with the necessary licenses and certificates charge more for their services.

On the other hand, AC with fewer years of experience will have lower rates, but that doesn’t mean that the quality of their work is worse. Of course, you should pay attention to this when hiring an AC contractor, as you need someone reputable, reliable, and qualified. Having an AC in your New Mexico home is an absolute necessity. Since these units often work “overtime,” breakdowns can happen more often. It’s good to know what repair costs to expect so you can plan your budget accordingly.

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