Is it worth replacing the AC compressor?

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Many things can cause an HVAC system to break down from a cheap filter to a small essential coil. When the air compressor of your AC unit goes bad, it will be so expensive to replace that you may want to consider getting a new air conditioner altogether. Before you make a decision, you should know what their compressor does inside of your HVAC system.

Is it worth replacing the AC compressor

You should also check to see if your current air compressor is under warranty.

What an Air Compressor Does

The compressor is the heart and soul of an HVAC system. You probably already know that an air conditioner has two parts, one that sits inside the house and one outside the house. The system inside the house pulls air in and gets rid of pet dander, dust, and other impurities. The air passes over coils that contain refrigerant. The refrigerant stores the heat from the air. The warm refrigerant is passed outside to a condenser, releasing the heat into the air. The compressor also transports outside air to the refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs that heat and converts it to cold air. The air will then cool down, and the refrigerant will turn into a heated vapor. The refrigerant vapor will go back to the compressor at the same time that it pulls the heat out of your home. That excess heat exits the home through the ducts. The compressor will continue this process until it reaches the temperature to which you have set your thermostat.

How much will a new air compressor cost?

If you still have the paperwork that your air conditioner came with, you should look it over. If your AC is still under warranty, a new compressor will be much less expensive than it would otherwise be. The average warranty will last around 12 years. However, the warranty will be limited after the first five years or so. You may be able to get the compressor replaced, but you will have to pay for the labor. An HVAC professional may charge anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour for labor. The average compressor costs $1,200, but you should know that it can go as high as $3000. The more energy efficient a compressor is, the more it will cost. However, the more environmentally sound a compressor is, the more money it will save you on your energy bill. Energy efficiency is rated in British Thermal Units (BTU). You want to look for a compressor with a high BTU rating.

Is it worth replacing the AC compressor - inside outer AC unit

Why do air compressors go bad?

Poor maintenance can cause an air compressor to break.  A compressor must be able to pack the refrigerant very tightly inside of it to change its temperature. If a compressor does not get enough refrigerant, It will not be able to do its job. If an AC unit does not have enough refrigerant It is normally because the air conditioner has leaks somewhere. A professional AC company technician can perform annual maintenance on your air conditioner to make sure that everything is running properly and that it has enough refrigerant. If you live in Florida, your home’s air conditioner is not a luxury but a necessity. Good maintenance and a general understanding of how HVAC systems work can enable residents of the Sunshine State to live comfortably.

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