How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Increase Your Home Value?

Home renovations are not done for the sole purpose of beautifying your residence or making it more functional. You increase your home’s value with every tweak you make, starting from the smallest details of interior design, to major feats such as kitchen or bathroom remodel. It is definitely in your best interest to increase the saleability whenever you embark on a new home project. Not all renovations will add an equal value of course, but the bathroom is the one place you could invest in that will pay off considerably.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Increase Your Home Value

Let’s take a look at how to go about upgrading one of your key selling points.

New bathroom space

Should you decide not to renovate, but add a brand new bathroom space as either a replacement or addition, be ready for a costly endeavor. It will definitely raise the overall value, but keep in mind that a mid-range project like that may cost anywhere from $25.000 to a whopping $75.000. This, of course, depends on your vision for it. Consider the following factors – the location, whether you want to install tiles or not (and what type), style of the tub or shower, the vanity and lighting fixtures. Luxurious spa-like touches will also add to the price. In the end, you should be able to recoup between 60-70% of your original investment.

Bathroom renovations

1. Popular Trends

Renovating for profit requires a little bit of strategy and research. Your home will have a much greater value if you do your remodeling according to currently popular trends and designs. Things that leave the best impressions are color schemes, clever use of space and simplicity. Since white is slowly going out of style, opt for pastel blues and pinks, or metallic shades for the walls, and calming shades of blue and green tiles. Make the most of your space by using compact options, floating or wall-mounted styles. Having lots of free space is one of the most appealing features your bathroom can offer.

2. Plumbing Fixtures

You’d be surprised what new fixtures can do for your bathroom’s allure. The good news is that this particular investment doesn’t have to be pricey at all. New shower heads and faucets that go well with the overall style of the bathroom are definitely eye-catching, impressive details that will help seal the deal.

3. Vanity Units

If your budget allows, upgrade the entire vanity, which means not only the faucets, but the sink and cabinetry as well. You can purchase sets of vanity units, or, if you feel that no set is a perfect fit for you, make your own combination. Buyers are usually impressed by a luxurious finish such as engineered stone – beautiful, stain-resistant, natural, and most importantly, durable.  Timber tops will give you an amazing look, but for durability you will have to make sure they are well-sealed. Marble and granite are usually very popular when it comes to countertops, and for a retro look go for tile or laminate.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Increase Your Home Value - vanity

4. The Floors

Replacing the bathroom floor might seem like a dramatic change, but it’s actually affordable and well worth the effort when it comes to defining the final price of your home. On average, a square foot of flooring might cost you from $2.50 to about $4.00, not including the labor costs. For approximately $5.00 to $8.00 added to that price, you have the option of installing radiant heating mats under the tiles that will provide that warm and cozy feeling under your feet. This little touch of style and practicality will definitely better your chances of getting your investment back.

5. Energy Efficiency

Your potential buyers will be more than thrilled to see that your energy-efficient bathroom will save them money in the long-run as well. Besides the fact that it’s good for the environment, low-flow optimization of showers, sinks and toilets means both reduced water usage and greater savings. Who could resist such a stylish and economical feature?

6. Mirrors

A bathroom mirror is a minor investment but a huge transformation. It increases the sense of space, which is especially convenient for smaller bathrooms, making them look brighter and more welcoming. Actually, the wider the mirror, the better. If the vintage look is what you’re seeking, a mirror frame can do wonders for your bathroom’s charm. Bulky, detailed frames might take a bit more space, but they will definitely be the star of the room.

Potential buyers of your home will look for attractive features, but in most cases practicality will prevail. The bathroom is an essential part of everyday life, a place of necessity as well as comfort. Dazzle your visitors with both style and functionality, and you’ll surely be able to get the price that will do your home justice.

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