How Building Inspection Will Keep You Out of Trouble

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Moving into a new home can be quite exciting and taxing at the same . If you are buying or renting a house, the process is often financially draining. What makes it worse is the fact that real estate agents and sellers say anything to convince you to buy their property. It is not until you move into the house that you come to realize that they lied about the condition of the building. Unfortunately, you can not get a refund on your purchase at that point. This is why building inspection is vital for any potential house buyer or seller.

Building inspection is not only important for house buyers, but anyone building a house as well. If you are building your own home, it is crucial for you to hire a building inspector who will ensure the house will warrant the comfort you intended to have. Building inspection does a tonne of good to both the buyer and the seller. It can save you a lot of trouble as a matter of fact. In this article, I will tell you about the merits of building inspection and the shortcomings it seeks to curb.
How Building Inspections Will Keep You Out of Trouble


Sometimes home sellers lie about the quality of materials used in the finishing stage of the house. Normally, a house with high quality fittings including quality wood finishes and other accessories such as sinks, bathtubs, chandeliers and mirrors would be sold for a higher price.

Sometimes, real estate developers choose good looking substandard fittings in place of quality finishes. This is to fetch a high market price for the house. This is why you need a house inspector. A house inspector will gauge the quality of finishes in a house and make a report about it. The report will enable you as the buyer to decide if the house is worth the price tag on it. For an unsuspecting buyer, they would probably just pay the quoted price, only to realize later on that the developer used tawdry fittings to add glamour.

How building inspections will keep you out of trouble - overpricing

Poor drainage

Drainage is a sensitive part of a home. Waste water disposal can not be achieved if the drainage of a house is not up to standard. For a newly built house, commonly, you will find drainage issues that need urgent attention. In some cases, you may find that the construction workers washed their tools in the house sinks. The wet concrete remains probably dried up in the pipes and formed a blockage. If you are buying a formerly inhabited house, there is a chance that the owner was not keen with maintenance of drainage systems.

You definitely need to call a building inspector to have a look at it. A good inspector will run tests on the drainage and check for any blockages or leakages. If there are any problems with the drainage, the inspector will indicate it on his report and give a recommendation for immediate action before you consider making the house your new home.

Poor roofing

If you are looking for a new home, in other terms, all you are trying to do is getting a roof over your head. What if this roof has leakages? What if the roofing materials is ageing? What if the roofing materials is substandard and might require a replacement soon?
How Building Inspections Will Keep You Out of Trouble - roof

These doubts create a reason for building inspection. The building inspector should take his time and climb up to the roof and asses the nature of the roof. If the roof is old or faulty, he will definitely inform both the buyer and the seller. Trust me, you do not want to move into a house with a leaking roof. The water from the roof will most probably ruin your furniture.

Potential damages

During a building inspection, the inspector checks on the safety standards of the building and goes through the building inspection checklist. This is to ensure there is minimal risk of damage or bodily harm to the occupants of the house; resulting from construction errors.

For instance, if the staircase of the building is uneven or too steep, it is a potential hazard. Another example is a loosely fitted door. It will probably fall off its hinges and result in injury. Building inspection enables you to spot such mistakes before settling on buying the house and hence prevent unforeseen accidents.

Poor ventilation

This is a major problem that can make your stay in a building almost unbearable. An up to standard building should have a good, air flow system. If you are looking to buy a home in a coastal town such as Melbourne for instance, which is known for it’s hot summers, a good ventilation system is vital. If you are looking to run a check for a house in Melbourne, building inspections Melbourne will definitely be a good option. During the inspection, the professional inspector will check on the air conditioning system and air vents to ensure that they are working.

Inspection of this key system ensures that the temperatures in the house are naturally regulated and the house is well aerated to prevent stuffiness. It also ensures that there is minimal dust getting into the house. This ensures your comfort and minimises the risk of getting respiratory complications.

Impromptu expenditure

A building inspection saves you the trouble of having to deal with unforeseen expenses for the sake of repairs. Since you are able to detect faults that will result in future repairs, you can easily plan on it and set money and save for that sole purpose. If you fail to hire a building inspector before moving into the house, the need for repairs will only come as a shock to you. You probably moved into the house thinking that everything is in perfect shape, which is not the case.

Trouble with the law

If you are purchasing a building for the sake of public usage, for example; office space, you are required to run an inspection on it. This is to ensure that the building’s standards uphold the safety of the public and the members of your organisation. If anything happens such as breakages that can harm your clients, you may end up facing charges. There are many reasons you would want to inspect a building before moving in. However you need to take precautions when hiring an inspector. Ensure they are qualified professionals who have no relations with the seller. Don’t forget to read through their report conclusively.

Just to let you in on a little secret; you can use the inspector’s report to bargain for discount from the seller of the house. However the most important part is to ensure your safety as the occupant of the house.

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