Benefits of Living in a House with Huge Glass Door and Windows

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We all wish to create a perfect home for our life and our loved ones. For some, this is a small home in the countryside, with lush greenery far and wide around it. For others, it might be an upcycled van fit for living on the road. And for some it might be a small apartment on a busy street of a busy city, with the crackle of music keeping them up all night.

Benefits of Living in a House with Huge Glass Door and Windows

But most people know they want one thing: lots of light. It’s one of the top things people look for in houses when they’re buying, so if you’re lucky enough to have a house encased in glass – here’s why you should be loving it.

It’s Healthy

We spend a lot of time indoors today, and a lot of people are starting to suffer from everything from bad posture to lack of vitamin D to depression. We’re creatures who were made to live in the sun and the sun is healthy for both our physical and mental health. This means that if we’re not exposed to the sun properly, we suffer. A house with large glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows will give you the same effect as if you were actually outside, even if you do have to spend a lot of time indoors. You could be sitting at your computer, working away and still feel the sun on your face and reap the benefits.

The Pictures Look Amazing

There’s no question about it – natural sunlight is the absolute best to take stunning pictures of anything. Whether you’re a portrait photographer working from home, or you want to just have your life with your family documented for the family albums, you can rest sure that the pictures will turn out stunning. On top of that, if you have any ambitions of getting into YouTube, vlogging, blogging or documenting your life in that way, a glass house will give a stunning backdrop to your videos and draw crowds in.

Sense of Luxury

Glass isn’t the most practical material to build a house out of, that is something we can all agree on, which means that having large portions of your house covered in glass will bring in a sense of luxury and the high life. You can get more info on all the options for glass doors and big windows to see what would fit your house best, and it’s important to think of the placement. A bedroom might sound like a great idea, with the sun beaming down on you as you wake up in the morning, but in reality, it’s far more practical to install them in the kitchen or living room. Not only is this a space where you spend a lot more time.

Benefits of Living in a House with Huge Glass Door and Windows - doors

It Increases The Size of the Room

A kitchen or a living room that is connected to the outdoor space – either a garden or a terrace – through a glass door is not only visually bigger, but it is practically bigger. You can just open up a door, and your room has just doubled in size. If you live somewhere where there is nice weather throughout the year, this is especially useful. You can go the extra step and create an entire summer kitchen encased in glass, connected to your home, so that you have an even bigger space that you can use all year long.

Living Art

We put up paintings and pictures on brick walls that remind us of what the world outside looks, but with big glass windows, you will have a live view and update of the world around you. Not only will your life have the backdrop of the city or the countryside, but you can play it up and decorate with the seasons, combining the outside and inside world. Instead of putting up Christmas decorations indoors, you can literally put them outdoors in the snow and watch them all day. It is far more organic, and you can forget about battling with fake snow to make a great scene indoors.

There are many other benefits that can be case-specific. Moms will love being able to keep an eye on their kids while they are playing outside, painters will have a never-ending inspiration, and the industrious ones might find a venture in lending out the space for things like shoots and meetings. So if you are thinking about getting some glass walls, carefully consider whether you’re going to be staying in that place for long enough to make the investment worth it, and keep in mind all the amazing benefits you will reap once you do it.

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