How to Clean Bricks

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When cleaning bricks, either from a facade or from a surface, it is necessary to have the various elements. To get them, we have to buy muriatic acid and a product to waterproof the wall, and we can buy them in a brick cleaning company.

How to Clean Bricks

When we have everything ready, let’s get started!

How to start brick cleaning?

Initially, it is advisable to sweep the bricks with a swab all over the wall or surface, insisting on each of its bricks. With this procedure, we eliminate dust and cobwebs that have the wall or surface.

Scratch process to clean brick surfaces

To continue cleaning, we have to scratch the brick before wetting it or applying any product. We have to carry out this process with the metal brush, since having the hardest bristles allow us to drag dirt better. We must polish on all those areas that are stained to remove them later. We must not use the metal brush with the wet surface, as we could damage it or scratch it if we rub it very hard.

Identify the type of stain

Once we scrape the surface, we have to proceed to clean the brick from the wall or floor on which we are working. Before using any product, we must identify the origin of the spots, since depending on where it comes from, we act in a certain way.

How to Clean Bricks - before and after


  • These types of spots are usually the most common. To eliminate them, we use vinegar since it is one of the most natural and efficient elements to be able to remove these spots. To get rid of these white stains, it is necessary to moisten the surface slightly with a wet cloth of vinegar. After applying it, we must let it rest, and when a while passes, we proceed to pour water. In case the stains have not been removed, the process can be repeated.
  • We must dilute powder detergent in water and with a splash of detergent to wash the dishes. These two products together are useful for removing such stains. Using a brush with hard bristles, we must rub on the spots in circles and let the mixture act for a few minutes. Then we proceed to rinse, which can be done with a hose or pressurized water gun.
  • We must use muriatic acid diluted in water. We must pour more water than a product since it is quite corrosive. To apply it, we use a brush with hard bristles and rub on the surface. Let the mixture hold for a while and then rinse.
  • We need to make a mixture of chlorine and warm water. As in the previous one, we must apply a more significant proportion of water than chlorine. With the hands protected with gloves, we apply the diluted on the surface and rub until we get the stain out. Then we let the wall rest, and then we clear them using a hose.
  •  We have to take into account that we need to use muriatic acid diluted in water. Once we have this mixture, before applying the product on the surface, we must scrape the paint from the wall until we can remove it. After this step, we use the muriatic acid diluted in water with a brush of hard bristles and rub on the stained spot. Let it dry and then rinse it with pressurized water.

Clarified in brick cleaning

How we could explain in the previous step, to clean the bricks efficiently, we must let the mixture we apply and then rinse it with water. Once the brick is dry, and the surface is clean, it is advisable to waterproof the wall with a particular product. What this product does is to repel any stain subjected to which the surface. To apply it evenly, you must help yourself with a brush. If you have one of these types of stains on the facade of your home and consider that it is time to clean the bricks, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with our brick cleaning company.

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