7 Ways to Host a Sustainable Party

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Birthday parties, anniversaries, family get-togethers, reunions are filled with laughter and memories that stay with you forever. Before you host a party you need to first visualize the kind of party you want. These parties mostly end with a lot of waste that can be harmful to the environment. As much as you want to throw a grand party, hosting a sustainable party will ensure you reduce your carbon footprint on the earth and protect the surroundings from excessive waste.

7 Ways to Host a Sustainable Party

Remember just because you are taking extra efforts to reduce the stress on the environment such as eco-friendly plumbing or eco-friendly home renovations, that does not mean your party will be dull. Here are a few ways that you can throw a kickass party without damaging this beautiful earth we live in.

Digital Invites

Printing beautiful invite cards is fun but these papers often go to waste or throw away after the party. As people are always connected to their phones throughout the day, you can make the most of the technology and send digital invites. They can even RSVP through these invites online and a great step in saving trees as you host your sustainable party.

Shop Locally

When prepping for your party there are several things you need to take care of. One of the first things that pop up in your mind is the menu, decor, cutlery, and so on. By shopping locally you are reducing your carbon footprint on the earth. If you have to ship materials or travel far, the release of CO2 emissions will increase from your vehicle. Shopping locally also allows you to support the economy of your local vendors.

7 Ways to Host a Sustainable Party - shop locally

Reusable Decorations

When you are planning a sustainable party you must consider reusable or recyclable decor so that it does not end up in the trash after the party. Party decors are essential as they can brighten up your house or backyard. Balloons, confetti, streamers are a big NO when it comes to the decor as they only create waste. Instead focus on candles, table centerpieces, string lights, lamps, flowers from your garden, or even decorate the cold jar and colorful bottles. Lighting scented candles also act as natural air fresheners which can brighten up your party even more.

Biodegradable Tableware

Paper or plastic plates, napkins, straws, cutlery, or cups are the worst forms of waste. Choosing biodegradable tableware will help reduce the stress on the environment as it can easily be recycled. The way you serve your food can also play a key role in staying sustainable. For instance, finger foods eliminate the use of any kind of utensils, napkins, and even plates. Replacing single-use plastics for eco-friendly products will protect your environment and allow you to enjoy your party with the right conscience.

7 Ways to Host a Sustainable Party - tableware

Cook Responsibly

When you go shopping locally, make sure that you have set your menu first. This will limit your shopping list and make exactly the amount of dishes you want. The goal is to avoid wastage of food at any cost so your sustainable party lives up to its name. While you may consider non-vegetarian dishes, it is wise to keep vegetarian dishes as well to satisfy your guests. Remember to encourage your guests for the second round of serving, you can even let them know about your zero wastage food policy. That’s why it is important to cook responsibly, the last thing you would want is to over-prepare for your party or watch your guest remain hungry between meals.


When you invite your guests to your party, you can encourage them to carpool or choose eco-friendly modes of transportation like public transport to reach your venue. The reason why you should do this is to decrease the amount of fuel used. For example, if every single person comes in their cars or bikes, the amount of CO2 increases. By carpooling or sharing rides, you reduce the stress on the environment and also reduce parking congestion.

7 Ways to Host a Sustainable Party - carpool

Gift Your Guests

The best way to end your party is by sending your lovely guests some helpful eco-friendly gifts. This way you can allow them to take something that will constantly remind them about your party. You can consider gifting them small eco-friendly products from Ecoy that specialize in bamboo products such as bamboo toothbrushes, mattress sheets, bamboo straws, bamboo hair brushes and so much more.

Ready to Party?

Hosting a party is fun, exciting, and refreshing as you get to socialize and meet people. But it can be more pleasurable by considering the above-mentioned tips when organizing your sustainable party. If you want to make a bigger impact on the people at your party on your green way of living. You can consider these smart eco-friendly garden tools that can be the center of attention at your party.

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