Why Homeowners Should Keep an Organised and Tidy Garage

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The garage. It’s one of those places in ours homes that often gets neglected, quickly becoming a dumping ground for everything from the kids’ old toys to rusty lawnmowers that no longer work.
Organised Garage

However, there are some huge benefits to having a clean and tidy garage, and we’ll explore these below:

The Benefits to an Organised Garage

First, there’s the bonus that, when you want a certain item, you’ll be able to find it. There won’t be any more scrambling around, digging through boxes and getting covered in dirt as you’ll know exactly where things are.

Second, you won’t lose any more valuables to mice nests, damp, leaks and other disasters that often occur in the garage. As everything is neatly stored away, it’s safe from all the elements (and creatures) that may ruin them.

Once everything’s sorted out, you can then start to arrange the space appropriately so everything has a home where it should be. There’s no more junk filling every corner so now you can start using your garage for your tools, additional household items and storage. You might even be able to fit your car in now, too!

And finally, there’s the huge benefit that when you’ve finished tidying your garage you’ll feel so much better in yourself. There is something truly rewarding in decluttering and organizing your things. Plus, you won’t have to close your eyes every time you go in the garage now, either.

Fleximounts in the garage

How to Tidy Your Garage Quickly and Easily

The key to organizing your garage properly is to take everything out of it and organize it. Create piles of things so you know where everything’s going when you start tidying things away. For example, you could have a pile of ‘junk’ that you’re going to take to a car boot sale, a pile of house things that you think will fit in your loft space or other storage areas and a pile of things that need to go back into the garage.

Looking at this pile of garage items, how much space are you going to need and how best can you store them? Just putting them back in without any organisation will only result in the same problem you had before, so it’s crucial you buy the right storage units to help keep things tidy. You could use things like tool chests or cabinets from SGS for all your DIY tools and accessories while hanging larger items on a rack on the wall (e.g. ladders and bikes).

Then, once you’re done, you’ll probably be amazed at how much space you’ve created and how much more usable your garage now is. Whether you want to start doing some carpentry in the garage or you need to declutter the house and put some things in the garage, you’ll now have the space to do all this with ease.

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