A Homeowner’s Guide to Professional Tree Services 

Trees are one of the great adornments you can have in your lawn or backyard. They can look tall and majestic towering over the streets in your area. Most families, especially kids, make great memories in trees: when they climb them, build treehouses with their parents, play with the neighbours’ kids in them, and more. More so, some trees are planted for the homeowners to benefit from its produce. It can also be a hobby for many, as most people find harvesting and caring for a tree enjoyable and worthwhile. There’s so much that a tree can bring you, be it of sentimental value or common goods. We’ve seen it on the news and have read a lot of stories about people protecting cent decade-old trees in which people have grown fond of them.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Professional Tree Services 

With this, tree caring becomes essential as well when you find value in trees. Although there are so many positive things about trees, people often forget that they can be a source of problems you will have to manage. Furthermore, attending to these issues is not a piece of cake. You will need to look for professional tree services providers like Kleber C’s Danbury Tree Service, who will have a team of experts that can address whatever tree problems you have.

Different tree problems you may encounter

Here are some of the most common problems that a tree can cause around your house, lawn, od backyard:

Home damage

There are different types of damage a tree can inflict on your house. It can be when a storm devastated your area, and a tree or its branches fell on your home. You will need major repairs for your home when this happens. Some even find their houses or even buildings totally wrecked, and rebuilding it, not merely repairing parts of it, will be the only solution. Sometimes, termites will also attack a dead stump or a healthy living tree. It can affect your house and your furniture when these termites reach your home. Additionally, when trees are planted too close to your home, they can damage your roof, gutter, window. As the trees grow older and more exttheirive, their roots begin to crawl and grow. A tree’s root system can damage a home’s foundation in the long-run. 

Damage to other trees and other plants

Do you have a garden full of plants and other trees? We all know these things will need all the nutrients they can get to bloom. However, a huge tree can hog up all the nutritious substances that others need as well. Not only nutrients but when trees tower over other plants, they also take away a significant amount of sunlight that is essential for photosynthesis.

Root problems

In addition to the damage,, roots can give to your house’s foundation, it can also create issues on various surfaces around it, such as pathways to your garden, bicycle lanes near if, and even main roads.

Ring barking

There are multiple reasons why ring barking occurs, such as natural weathering or using a whipper snipper close to it. Ring barking happens when bark gets removed from a tree. It can result in the death of the tree, which will make it more prone to falling. As mentioned earlier, falling trees can wreak havoc on your house and can even cause fatal accidents.

Poor growth for turfs

Turfs are one of the most common types of grasses homes have. These do not thrive well when they do not get enough sunlight. When turfgrasses grow poorly, they may not be able to help in absorbing water. This will then create puddles on your lawn.

Professional tree services available:

Tree removal

Tree removal is most often done by tree service providers like Rhode Island Tree Service. It’s not safe when a do-it-yourselfer does the tree removal alone. You may think it’s as simple as cutting the tree down and supporting it as it falls, but how about massive trees. It takes experts to safely conduct tree removal. Some reasons why you will want or need a tree removal were mentioned above, such as: endangering people and property, belonging to a nonnative species, inhibiting the growth of other plants and trees, roots being destructive, and more. Tree removals can be too messy with all the debris that may result from it. Some professional tree services providers offer the full package of removing trees and cleaning up after them.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming is the process of cutting overgrown branches from trees. Although it seems like a homeowner can do it themselves, there are specific knowledge and skills that allow experts to do the job efficiently and effectively. More so, compared to do-it-yourselfers, they have the complete tree service and safety equipment for the task.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Professional Tree Services - path

Tree pruning

More often than not, people tend to use the terms ‘pruning’ and ‘trimming’ interchangeably. However, pruning is significantly different from trimming. Pruning is the removal of dead, loose, or infected branches or stems from a tree or plant.

Here are some of the benefits of availing tree trimming and pruning services:


One of the main reasons homeowners call professional tree service providers is to evaluate trees whether it poses a hazard to people in their homes. Dead branches have a high risk of falling off trees and can cause injury. Not only your family will be protected from hazards that tree branches pose, but your house will be protected from damages as well, such as on your roof, gutter, windows, and sidings.

Pest Control and Healthy Growth

Tree pruning and trimming help better manage pests in trees and shrubs. Worms and other insects can spread through different branches. More so, infected branches also have the capability to infect other branches as well. Through pruning and trimming, you can prevent pests and infections from spreading. It will allow your trees and shrubs to grow healthy and some fruitful. Tree caring is essential and vital to homeowners. It provides protection to your family and healthy growth in your lawn. However, maintaining and caring for trees is not an easy job. It will require the help of professionals to conduct different measures safely and effectively. Make sure to hire tree service providers that have proof of training and certification, good reputation, liability insurance, and can offer multiple estimates.

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