Setting Up A Home Wine Room 

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Enjoying a glass of wine after a long day is a great feeling, isn’t it? But for many people, wine is more than just a nice reward after a hard day’s work, it is a passion – one that many people don’t get to fully pursue. But setting up your very own wine room will give you a way to not only enjoy your favorite wines but also showcase your passion as well.

Setting Up A Home Wine Room 

Setting up a home wine room might seem like quite the challenge and while it will certainly take some hard work and careful planning it likely won’t be as hard as you might first think. So, let’s take a closer look at what you need to think about if you want your own personal home wine room. But first things first, for any wine room you need plenty of wine bottles. One way to stock up on quality wine is by joining a wine club. You can start your search by checking out this Winc wines review.

Getting The Right Room 

The first part of setting up a home wine room is to ensure you are choosing a location that is actually suitable. Wine cellars are necessary because they cellar offer the perfect environment for wine storage. The optimal temperature for wine is 55 degrees but you do have a bit of leeway to play with. Anywhere from 45 – 65 degrees should be suitable for wine storage and you will also want a place that offers a good level of humidity. A total humidity of 50% is a minimum but anywhere up to 80% will do the job fine. You will also need to avoid direct sunlight so avoid rooms with lots of windows. Basements are great for wine rooms but of course not every home will have one. Other people prefer turning a part of their kitchen into a wine room or using a space like a pantry for one. You might have more limited space but these make great areas for wine storage.

Wine Storage 

Speaking of storage for starters you will need wine racks and plenty of them to safely house your hopefully growing collection. See more here to find some of the best storage racks currently available. Wine storage racks come in many different styles and shapes so there is sure to be something to your liking available. Make sure you have plenty of storage racks available for your wine bottles as well and always have a few empty ones at the ready. A good wine room should have ample storage space so make that your main concern.

Setting Up A Home Wine Room - storage

Most people will only have a small to medium space for their wine room so think about how best to utilize your space for storage. If you don’t really have space for the full-on wine room then focus on building a wine storage room instead. You can also use another part of your home for the tasting and relaxing. It might not be ideal but having your own home-based private wine storage room is still sure to please a wine lover.

Other Features 

While wine racks are undeniably the most important feature of a home wine room there are other things you will need to ensure you have as well. Glasses, for example, could also be stored in the wine room in their own wine glasses rack. This will be incredibly useful and make tasting much more convenient. Adding a wine glass rack or two also won’t take up much space either. If you have the room you might also want to consider installing a tasting table or other storage shelves for things like decanters, chillers, fridges and other important accessories like corkscrews for example. If you do have a small fridge you could even store some fruit or cheese to go with the wine!

Another popular addition is furniture like chairs but if you only have a small space available you might want to stick to just focusing on wine storage instead. You could instead focus on building a little relaxing spot to enjoy the wine in another room. Setting up a wine room is something that can be approached in many different ways if you have the space available it can be a huge room fully dedicated to showcasing your love for wines. However, you can still accomplish a lot with a smaller space with some creative thinking.

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