12 Home Tools Every Woman Should Own

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Every woman should have her own set of tools – Actually, every homeowner should. It’s not new knowledge that most home tools are marketed towards men. But from minor tasks like hanging up a picture to other intensive projects, these items are always essential.

12 Home Tools Every Woman Should Own

Even if you don’t have all the necessary tools at once; the good news is you can get by on most projects with just 12 home tools. Of course, you will need more as time goes by, but this is a good starting point.

1.     Hammer

If you have to nail something in, then you will need a hammer around. There are different types, the tack hammer, club hammer, ball peen hammer, or the sledgehammer. But for basic household tasks, you should get a claw hammer. It has a multipurpose value and can be used for both driving-in and pulling-out nails.

2.     Drill

For a woman, you will be surprised how often you have to use the drill. It comes with a variety of attachments or drill-bits for different applications. One of the main selection requirements for women is a lightweight drill. This is important in cases where you have to make holes to hang something or make other overhead drillings where you have to handle the Powertool for a long time. Try out the best lightweight drill for women.

12 Home Tools Every Woman Should Own - drill

3.     Screwdriver set

When it comes to the screwdriver, one thing you need to accept is that you can never have too many sizes. They are useful for the vast majority of projects – especially assembling furniture, mounting switch plates, or tightening knobs. At a minimum, flathead and Phillips screwdrivers can take on most, but having different sizes from a full set increases the ways you can use them.

4.     Measuring Tape

For the essential basic décor or the everyday craft you may have to handle around the home, the measuring tape is a must-have. If you have to move into a new space or buy new furniture into the old one, then you need to get the measuring tape. You can get one that’s about 25 feet to keep it useful for lots of tasks, and preferably one that locks too.

5.     Adjustable wrench

There are too many types of wrenches to turn down an adjustable one. Fixing most plumbing issues requires at least one. But the adjustable wrench fits a wide variety of sizes when it comes to nuts and bolts. Get one that is big enough to cover large array sizes. It functions to loosen or tighten bolts and hold things together.

6.     Hand Saw

You may not need to see all the time; but for those small decoration projects, the saw is important. The power saws can be a little too much for a start, but the hand saw is the way to go. It can cut through pipes, or wooden material like plywood, cutting boards, tree branches or even Christmas trees.

7.     Flashlight

As irrelevant as the flashlight may seem, it’s a saving grace immediately the lights go out. You may have to deal with a blown-fuse when the light is out or even fix a leaking pipe in the corner of the basement where the bright light from the bulb isn’t reaching. Without the flashlight in these situations, you will be groping around in the dark, which is very much not safe. At best, get a rechargeable lithium battery powered flashlight that is ready to go whenever it’s needed.

8.     Duct Tapes

Duct tapes can be used for quick fixes of broken buckets, torn pipes, or putting together almost anything. It is durable, valuable, adaptive, and effective for fast repairs around the house. The duct tape should also be a key item for your home emergency kit since they are incredibly sticky and water-resistant.

9.     Pliers

Every toolbox needs a set of pliers. From slip-joint, diagonal, or needle-nose; they all have their essential functions and come very handy when you least expect it. Their roles vary from cutting, bending, gripping, twisting or turning tough wires, to pulling out nails or staples out of wood.

10.Staple Gun

Not just for putting pieces of paper together for some décor exercises, in the home, the staple gun can be used to recover dining room chairs and curtains or putting together wood frames for simple artwork.

11.Allen Wrench Set

The Allen wrench is another simple set of tool used for driving bolt and screws that have hexagonal sockets on the head. It is handy for lots of mechanical fixings, especially for adjusting or replacing blades on saws.


Even if your eyeballing technique is top-notch, the Level brings in more accuracy to everything. Especially when you want to hang something and make sure it’s straight. The Level can ensure balance on both horizontal and vertical bases.

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