6 Home Renovation Ideas That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

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Home renovation is becoming more accessible for the average person now that supply shortages have ended for the most part. Because of this, there’s a big trend of homeowners updating their properties: but without a clear vision of what you need to create for value and comfort, you could be hurting your home’s resale value. That’s why we composed this 6 home renovation ideas that will surely increase the value of your home.

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These are six renovation ideas that will increase your home’s value, ensuring you get every cent it’s worth!

1. Giving Floors a New Look

Many sellers overlook their floors beyond just ensuring that they’re clean. Buyers can get stuck being concerned about the flooring, though, and will quickly pass on a home if it seems like the floors need a ton of work. To get past this and sell fast, it’s a good idea to replace your flooring with something long-lasting that looks good. Avoid carpet in any area besides bedrooms since it can quickly stain and look bad. Instead, adding wood or wood laminate can be the best option.

2. Update An Older Roof

The average roof only lasts for twenty to fifty years: so you must know the age of your roof. Beyond this, please get to know the condition it’s in at all times. If it’s looking older or shingles are coming off, it’s time to start looking into a new roof. No buyers want to buy a home and then immediately have to spend ten to fifty thousand dollars on replacing their roof immediately. Take care of this problem, and you’ll be able to sell for more money faster.

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3. Guide The Buyers’ Eyes

Sometimes buyers don’t really know what they want, so it’s up to you to show them your property is what they should need. You can do this drastically, like how many white and black houses do through vivid shade differences: but you can also do this through lighting and staging. Be acutely aware of the placement of everything from lighting to framed art and how you place furniture in every room. Every decision should guide buyers’ eyes to what you want them to see and how you want them to interact with your home while they walk through it. If you give the home a poor layout and cramp it with too much furniture, you can leave it feeling smaller and tighter, which will scare away any buyers who desperately need space. Create the home that they’ll want to buy.

updating exterior as home renovation idea for increasing value

4. Find Siding That Lasts

Siding is something that not only stops weather from affecting the interior of your home. It also protects it from bugs, noise pollution, moisture, and so much more and it is one of the home renovation ideas which increases the value the most. Because of this, you must consider updating your siding to something better. This is especially important if your home’s siding is older since fiber cement siding costs less than the value it adds to a home when it’s put in place of older and outdated siding. Go for siding that’s a neutral color that still stands apart from your neighbors so that your home doesn’t feel too cookie-cutter. It’s important to allow your home to stand apart without being gaudy.

5. Add Luxurious Touches Throughout

Luxury is something most homeowners are seeking out, so offer it through touches throughout the home so that you can lure buyers in. This can mean larger changes like luxurious radiant floor heating or smaller changes like high-quality fixtures like faucets and lights that stand out. By adding luxury in small amounts throughout the home, you allow the entire space to feel different without having to make large, expensive changes. Avoid spending more than 10% of your home’s value on any room with these luxurious changes, or you could be breaking any chance of improving your home’s value.

6. Mini Kitchen Makeovers Go the Distance

Many think that a kitchen makeover involves completely gutting the space and replacing everything with new items. But, unfortunately, the return on investment for that isn’t as high as you’d expect. Mini kitchen makeovers bring a far larger return on investment and ensure you don’t have to worry about whether the cabinets were too expensive or the new appliances outdid the kitchen. Instead, pick a few small changes, and update the fixtures, and you’ll be good to go in most cases.

Home Renovation Ideas Should Always Have Your Home’s Value in Mind

Although many homeowners do renovations with only their time living there in mind: you should always keep your home’s value in mind since it’s the largest asset most people own. Avoid investing more than 10% of your home’s value in any space, and ensure that you’re adding value.

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