Top Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

As kitchens continue to open up to the rest of the home, some renovators are embracing creative ways to break down walls. One popular option is a stylish partition that adds aesthetic appeal while providing available living options.

modern kitchen with vibrant colors

Kitchen paint colors contrasting with cabinetry are another trend that will help round out a room’s hard edges.

Curated Looks

The past few years have been all about bringing organic elements into kitchen design, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. Sierra Fallon, the lead designer at Rumor Designs, expects an increase in natural stone countertops, wood cabinetry and storage, organic and eco-friendly materials, and decorative metal accents. Another way to bring natural elements into your kitchen is through textured backsplashes. Using ceramics, terra-cotta tiles and other patterned options creates visual interest on your backsplash while also creating warmth. For a statement-making element, homeowners choose eye-catching extractor hoods that are more than just a functional feature. Custom-made hoods are available in an array of eye-catching metal finishes that provide a sculptural contrast to sleek cabinets.

Color Pops

Kitchens don’t have as many opportunities for layered fabrics as living rooms or bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean the space can’t display a pop of saturated color. Look for this trend in small doses, such as painted cabinet interiors or patterned wallpaper. Make sure the pattern is durable enough to withstand humidity and steam. Rounded shapes are a big design trend for 2023, and this plays out in kitchens, too. Round edges on a kitchen island or a curved doorway help soften the sharp angles of a room and make it feel more convivial. A kitchen backsplash can be a perfect place to experiment with directional patterns. Ensure the print is sturdier than traditional ceramic tile and can withstand heat and moisture. This option can also be inexpensive to try a new hue without investing in a full kitchen remodeling Bellevue. Look for natural patterns and wood tints that pair well with other materials.

contrasting backsplash in the kitchen

Contrasting Backsplashes

With upper cabinets on the decline, homeowners have more wall space to cover with backsplashes. One way to add flair is with a contrasting backsplash. Dark backsplash ideas are rising in popularity as a striking aesthetic choice. For example, black metals like stainless steel or copper can complement a contemporary kitchen. Also, there are various dark options for backsplashes, such as cement-look stoneware slabs or Blaze Iron porcelain stoneware that offers an oxidized and weathered appearance. Similarly, patterned backsplashes can be a fun way to express personality in the kitchen. This is especially true if your countertop and backsplash match to create a unified design. Trends in kitchen design provide several options for upgrading your house without undergoing a complete gut makeover. The idea is to select a design that complements your lifestyle as well as the general function of the area. And always test out your new finishes and colors on a small section of the kitchen before you commit to them, suggests interior designer Rhea Vaflor.

Contrasting Countertops

Homeowners seeking a bold and unique look for their kitchens can create drama with contrasting countertop colors. For example, homeowners can choose a light countertop for their island and dark granite or quartz for their perimeter countertops to make the space more dynamic. This is a perfect option for those who love to cook and want a bright and inviting space. Waterfall countertops can also add a contrasting element to a kitchen design scheme. The waterfall effect is when the countertop extends over the sides of the island or countertops to create a flowing visual appearance. This is an excellent option for individuals who appreciate this style’s clean lines and contemporary feel. It would help if you still considered whether a contrasting countertop is appropriate. In such a situation, you may always opt for a more subtle contrast by using two distinct counter materials close in color and finish. For instance, choose a soft Calacatta-like marble on your island and a darker granite for your perimeter.

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