Why Inspect Your Home on the Island for Water Damage?

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Choosing the right water damage and proofing service is very important for homeowners living in Island cities. Islands can be easily affected by water damage because of their rough climatic condition. Water damage can be irreversible if left untreated for a prolonged period. And restoration can be a nightmare thereafter. However, in islands, water damage most likely takes place due to natural calamities, such as floods, heavy rainfall, storm, and high tide.

Why Inspect Your Home on the Island for Water Damage

Since it’s not a good sign to find water stored in the wrong places, this is one of the prime reasons why water damage inspection is crucial on Island homes. If you take measures from the very beginning, you can save your house from expensive water damage restoration processes. However, here are a few important reasons why you should regularly inspect your home on islands for water damage.

Flood and Storm are Common Scenarios

We have seen an increasing amount of cyclones and hurricanes happening across the world. If you live in an island city, your home would most likely be hit badly if something like this happens. The casualty includes heavy rains, ice dams, flooding, and dampness. Let’s not forget the constant presence of salt in the air that worsens the condition.

Protects Your Health Better

Prolonged exposure to water damage can cause mold and mildew growth. Mold growth can infect your lungs’ air passage and cause allergic reactions, including aggravating symptoms of asthma, fatigue, breathing issues, and other health conditions. Mold can grow over high-moisture, low-light, and dingy surfaces in less than 48 hours. They can stay and grow in one area for decades. So, mold inspection is very important to prevent side effects.

Save Money from Costly Restoration Processes

While you may have home insurance policies, the claims for water damage restoration can often be expensive. The cost of repair for big restorations can bore a hole in your pocket. Preventive measures, such as maintenance of the plumbing system once in a year, an inspection of water damage in high-risk areas like the attic, windows, insulation, basement, and pipes, and proactive actions can save you from spending heavily on restoration.

Why Inspect Your Home on the Island for Water Damage - water in walls

Protects the Structural Integrity of Your Home

You may never come to know, but a flooded basement can shift the soil beneath the foundation of your home and harm its structural integrity. Foundation cracks eroded soil and bowed walls are common problems related to the structure of the building. You may not realize it, but a weakened foundation can reduce the longevity of the house by 6 to 8 years.  However, a quick review of the basement after a pipe burst, bad rainfall, or flood can help you prevent the problem.

Saves You from the Daunting Tasks of Water Damage Restoration

While you cannot prevent storm and torrential rainfall, implemented water damage restoration and waterproofing strategies can minimize the damage.  Have you ever seen the process that involves water damage restoration? It is tedious, scary, and exhausting. You will have to vacate the building, lodge a complaint with the local police, notify the water restoration company, notify the insurance provider, ensure no important documents or assets are submerged in water, make sure there is no short circuit and while all this is happening, you have to also prevent your furniture and other stuff from being damaged.

You can prevent all of this with regular inspection and maintenance of the building from water damage. For instance, ensuring your house is built on a slope or the front and back yard are sloped away from the main building will prevent water stagnation. Implementing a proper drainage system on the roof will prevent ice dams and water blockage. Contact a certified water damage restoration company for more details on island home inspection.

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