The sound of needing repairs in your home foundation can be very intimidating. The overwhelming anxiety you feel when you don’t know what to look for or how will it be repaired and even more what the cost is going to be. Weakening home foundation signs don’t only appear on the ceilings and floors. They can also be checked on places like walls, door frames, and even your basement. Experts in Home foundation repairs in Houston who have a background in engineering suggest that even homeowners who are planning to buy a property should get a proper check done before investing.

Don’t Wait Too Long If Your Home Foundation Is Weakening

They can pinpoint the exact issues for new homeowners as well as those who already own a home at where exactly the problem lies. Maybe an issue that you could think of as big would not really be so and vice versa something that looks small and not dangerous could end up getting worse with time.  Here are some signs to know if your foundation needs your attention.

Signs To Look For Inside the House

  • Cracks on the walls, ceilings, near door frames, and windows. If they are large, they should be checked by a professional soon.
  • If your windows and doors start to jam. Normal jams can be fixed with a quick WD-40. If that doesn’t solve the problem then it’s a sign that the foundation is unstable which can distort the frames. 
  • Check your basement posts to make sure they are straight and have not started to lean. Using a screwdriver to poke into the wood to see if it has started to rot is a good way to check. If the poke runs deep, that’s a sign that the wood has started to rot. 
  • In case you notice a musty smell in your basement, it could be due to mildew which appears if there’s any water leakage problem. 
  • Check for cracks on the concrete floor to see if it has come loose. 

Don’t Wait Too Long If Your Home Foundation Is Weakening - repairing

Signs To Look For Outside the House

  • Check the foundations of the walls from outside. They should stand straight with no bulges or leaning over and have no large cracks
  • Concrete chipping on the outside which is very prominent should be checked properly. 
  • Roof tiles falling could also be a sign of weakening foundation
  • Foundations sinking in. If you notice one side of your house to be sinking in as compared to the other, this could be a major sign of concern. Many factors like severe weather conditions could worsen it very fast.

If you see these signs, it is time for you to call in experts to guide you with it. Trying to fix larger problems yourself might just worsen it or further could cause an accident. Insurance companies do not support claims where the mistake was done by you. Though all small signs do not need you to rush to foundation experts, signs that are persistent and keep getting more prominent should be inspected carefully. A quick review from experts might not only bring you peace of mind but can help in avoiding catastrophic accidents.