4 Home Maintenance Tips that Will Keep Your House in the Best Condition Throughout 2022

Minor problems, if unattended, lead to more significant damage that is costly to repair, life-threatening, and may also compromise your home structure. Chipped paint can quickly result in wood rot, clogged gutters into water damage, and dirty filters damage the furnace. Negligible problems can make your home inhabitable or hurt your home’s resale value immensely.

Home exterior

These home maintenance tips will enhance your house’s curb appeal, keep the resale value at its optimum, extend the lifespan, and keep the space functional.

Check Paint

After some time, the walls look tired from the worn-out paint. A fresh coat of paint magically gives a space a new lease of life. Ensure you choose the right color of paint that compliments your furnishings and the rest of the house. While color is a personal choice, it is safe to use neutral colors in standard rooms to accommodate all occupants. The right painting affects the mood of anyone that comes into your space. Your walls will inevitably get a few holes from the wall hangings. Scrap the holes with spackle from the hardware, then lightly sand once it dries before painting. Sand moldings and trims for a flawless look, and choose a high-gloss light color to brighten them. Getting an expert will give you the best result, but if you are a hands-on person with the right tools, you can hack, giving your home that fresh look.

Electrical Check

Experts advise that homeowners carry out an electrical system inspection after every six months as a safety measure. Due to power surges, frayed wires outside and in your home can cause fire, shocks, or spoil appliances. Unlike some maintenance tasks and upgrades that you can DIY, electric checks require an expert. Engage a professional electrician to ensure your circuit breakers, wiring, plugs, and outlets are all in good working condition. Because when an electrical system has a problem, it can have an impact on multiple home areas — many of which affect personal comfort, according to a residential electrician in Walpole, MA. The technician will also check any wires or potential electrical risks outside.

Deep Cleaning

Basic or regular cleaning is an everyday affair that keeps your house fresh and in order. You need to deep clean your house. The frequency depends on lifestyle, house occupants, age, and location, among other factors. Deep cleaning has many benefits, like reducing or getting rid of mildew, removing slow-building dirt and grime, and eliminating hidden dirt from crannies and nooks. Dust particles and animal fur from pests that accumulate in the house trigger some health conditions like asthma. A thorough clean will rid your space of such potential hazards.

Leaves and debris accumulate on the roof and block downspouts and gutters, preventing rainwater from draining well. The overflowing water can cause damage to both the exterior and interior of the home. Cleaning your gutters allows seamless water flow away from the building preventing water and potential structural damage. Like the electrical check, it is crucial to engage a plumber who will check for any possible leakages or water damage. As you deep clean, declutter and get rid of anything you do not use. Accumulated clutter is an eyesore and potentially harbors pests like roaches and rats.

Fixing hinges

Silence Door Hinges and Floors

Squeaky floors and doors are annoying. Find the nearest joist near the noise and drive in a low-profile screw with a drill with a stud. If there is still noise, drill in more. Talcum or baby powder works well on to keep the wood floors quiet. Sprinkle a generous amount of talc powder on the crack closest to the squeak, then spread it to get into the gaps. Spray a lubricant on squealing doors to stop the noise. If it persists, knock the hinge up halfway with a hammer and screwdriver, and then rub some oil.


To maintain a home, you need to pay extra attention to small details. The best way to keep your home in the best condition is to fix the problems as soon as they occur.

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