Home maintenance checklist for new homeowners in California

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If you are new homeowners in California you will have to go through a checklist of things you have to do so your new home is maintained as much as possible starting with getting homeowners insurance. Neglect the maintenance, and you’ll pay for it in the long run for it. Everything will just pile up for you to do after and maybe will destroy your home and you will have to pay even more for fixing it. One of the easier tasks is to paint your house.

Home maintenance checklist for new homeowners in California - keys

Here is How to choose a painting contractor so you don’t have to get dirty with paint. And professionals will for sure do a better job and will be faster.

Monthly home maintenance

Somethings you will have to do every month so your new home is in perfect condition. And you don’t have to pay extra later. For an example

  • HVAC System – First check the filters in your system. Clean the reusable ones, and replace the disposable ones if they are dirty – and they for sure are.
  • Plumbing  – Carefully check all fixtures like toilets, tubs, sinks, and faucets. Make sure that everything is draining good and that they are not leaking somewhere.
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Test these monthly so you are sure the battery is full and its proper functioning. It can save your life.
  • Vent Hood Filter – Check the kitchen vent hood filter every month to ensure it isn’t clogged with grease, dust so you will reduce the risk of an accident.

Also from time to time, you will need to replace your windows. So you are sure they are not leaking air and everything is fine.

Home maintenance checklist for new homeowners in California - monthly maintenance

For new homeowners, it is important to make sure that their house is in top condition. If it is California or anywhere else you will need to take care of some specific things on a monthly basis

New homeowners in California have to take care of their roof

The roof of the house is the most important thing. That is why you need to take very good care of it. You can inspect and clean the roof on a year-to-year basis. This includes cleaning your roof and verify its condition. Start by clearing leaves, tree branches, and other debris off your roof and from your gutter that is stuck in there. Need to fix your roof? This is what you need to ask your contractor. Every problem is fixable so don’t worry too much about it.

Home maintenance checklist for new homeowners in California - roof

The roof of your house is maybe the most important thing about the whole house because without it you don’t have shelter. That is why you need to clean and take care of your roof on a year to year basis

When buying a new house

The relocation to a new address is never easy. So you can hire professionals to transfer to your new place whatever you need. They are here to help you out and take some stress off of you. So they will pack everything you want to bring to the new house that you just bought. Of course, because they have so much experience you don’t need to worry about damage. Everything will come to you in perfect condition.

Touch up the paint of your new house

New homeowners in California will have to both indoor and outdoor paint their house. The paint needs to be touched up every six months or up to a year. This will refresh your home and will protect it from mold and other damages that may have been caused.SOS Moving can help you out if you need boxes for your belongings while painting the indoors or even if you need some help relocating things to a different address. They are experienced movers so every task that you give them they will do it successfully.

Home maintenance checklist for new homeowners in California - painting

Touching up the paint is not only for visual purposes but this will make your house more sustainable from heat damage, mold, and other things that come with time. So paint your house inside and outside on regular basis.

New homeowners in California need to clean their belongings thoroughly

Every six months or so you will need to clean your house and belongings in them thoroughly. If you have allergies to dust or some similar thing you can, and probably is better to do it sooner and more often so you don’t have trouble breathing and/or develop a rash. If you never thoroughly cleaned your carpet this is what you need to know about carpet cleaning. You can also steam clean other belongings in your house. This process is highly recommendable because it kills more bacteria than just wiping it with a washcloth. So take all of your belongings that can stand steam and go to town with it. Your house will thank you later. And you will not have any problems with allergies and other dust-related things. So your body will also thank you.

Home maintenance checklist for new homeowners in California - carpet cleaning

When you are cleaning your house thoroughly be sure to check out steam cleaning. You don’t have to just clean the carpet with it. You can also steam clean other belongings so you will kill more bacteria.

Every 5 to 10 years you need

When you are a new homebuyer and don’t know how things work. You can always ask your parents or someone older in your life. And if not you will see in time what you need to do in 5 to 10 years to your house. After so much time passes you will probably need to install a new dishwasher. Replace the kitchen sink because steel sinks begin to show their age after five years of use and often must be replaced before reaching 10 years of use. Also, the hot water heater will need to replaced and this is something that you will need a professional to do for you. Especially if it’s the gas model. But all in all, these are some things that you will need to replace in many years ahead so don’t worry about that right now. We just wanted to give you a heads up.

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