5 Silent Signs Your Home Has Plumbing Problems

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Because your home’s plumbing system lies out of view and out of mind, many homeowners dismiss the significance of cleaning or repairing their homes’ plumbing systems. The false notion that everything is okay has become known as “plumbing blindness.” It’s time to snap out of the blindness and train yourself to notice the silent signs your home demonstrates that something might be wrong with your plumbing. That’s why we made this guide to learning that your home has plumbing problems.

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Here are some everyday things in your home that indicate plumbing problems. If you see these things, it could mean your plumbing needs some attention.

1. Smell Changes

If you start to smell something rotten from your pipes, you may have a plumbing problem in your home. This odor might be a sign of sewage backing up into your home, which could be caused by a clogged sewer line. Another possibility is an old sewer or septic line that is leaking. This could lead to a buildup of toxic materials in your walls or flooring, as well as an unpleasant odor.

2. Unusual Sounds

It is important to also pay close attention to the sounds coming from your pipes and fixtures. Unusual sounds such as knocking, clanking, humming, or gurgling could mean something incorrect. This could result from a broken pipe, water pressure issues, or trapped air. Additionally, an increase in the sound of running water may mean a clog or blockage that needs to be addressed. These sounds may be faint, but try to notice them, as they could be silent signs that you need to hire a plumber.

3. Lower Pressure

Lower pressure can be indicative of a lot of potential issues in the home, such as a broken pipe, clogged pipes, or a failing water heater. This can affect showerheads, toilets, and other fixtures in the house and usually leads to poor water quality. This may indicate a more serious plumbing problem that should be addressed immediately. In any case, if you notice lower pressure in your sink, you can try calling hydro jet plumbing to get it checked out.

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4. Increase in Bills

Another indicator is an unaccounted-for spike in your water bill. If the cost of water is rising well beyond normal levels, this could likely mean there’s an issue with a pipe or the appliances utilizing water. The best plumber can easily tell you what is wrong with your water system, so it’s better to consult them early to prevent it from worsening and causing more extensive damage.

5. Water Discoloration

Water discoloration in your home is one of the silent signs of plumbing problems. Discoloration can range from yellow, red, or brown hues that may appear on the water’s surface. This discoloration is usually caused by rust in your hot or cold water pipes. It can also be caused by air within the water lines, sediment buildup, or corroding pipes. Discolored water isn’t a health risk but should be inspected and fixed immediately to prevent further problems.

Recognize Plumbing Problems Early

If you notice any of the silent signs of plumbing problems, it is time to get a professional to assess your home and deal with the issue before it worsens. Contact a local plumbing and heating business for a free evaluation and peace of mind that your plumbing is functioning properly. If you think this article is helpful, check out our other blogs!

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