The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Do It Yourselfer in Your Life

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Finding the perfect gift for the do it yourself in your life can be more difficult than it seems. What could you possibly buy someone who doesn’t like to use store-bought items? You could make something for him or her from scrap, however, you’ll need to have the creativity to do so. Although they are sure to love anything that you make yourself at home, he or she might not appreciate falling through that Pinterest bench you attempted. Instead, start to think about all of the things he or she needs to have at home in order to create all of the DIY projects that he or she does.

Holiday gift guide for Do It Yourselfer

Your do it yourself needs plenty of tools and other items to help them create the best of the best DIY projects. If you know someone who’s devoted to DIY crafts, then you’ll want to take a look at this list below. Continue reading for a list of several gifts that your do it yourselfer will love!

Touchscreen Work Gloves

If you have a do it yourselfer in your life, then you know that the DIY crafts never stop. This is true even during the cold winter months. And as the days get colder, your do it yourselfer needs gloves that’ll keep their hands warm, keep their work productive, and allow for them to work on their phones as well.

When purchasing these gloves, be sure to find ones that are work gloves and not just winter glove with touchscreen capabilities. For someone who works with his or her hands a lot, it can quickly become frustrating to have to remove his or her gloves each time the phone rings, or each time it’s needed for researching something such as instructions.

Power Saber Saw

Power saber saws are the perfect tool for any do it yourselfer as they make sawing through wood, fiberglass, metal, plaster, and other materials a breeze. If you have a handyman or woman in your life, then chances are they’ll appreciate this DIY gift. This saw can come in handy when building all types of homemade creations.

The Perfect Multi-tool 

All DIYers need the perfect multi-tool. Having a good multi-tool on hand is a necessity for DIYers as they complete projects and tasks. What makes the multitool so desirable is that there are several tools built into one, which eliminates the need to fish around for different tools while working. When shopping for the perfect multi-tool, be on the lookout for something that has scissors, a blade, a file, pliers, and more.

Pizza on the Go

Not all DIYers are handymen and women working to construct different projects around the house. Some DIYers enjoy making their own food creations. That’s right if you or someone you know enjoys cooking and coming up with their own food creations, then pizza on the go is a perfect gift.

Holiday gift guide for Do It Yourselfer - pizza on the go

Pizza making is an art and now it can be done from anywhere with the portable pizza maker. Take this light-weight device with you on camping trips, tailgating parties, to the beach, and other fun spots. Any chef DIYer will love having this device by his or her side. The pizza maker only takes about 20 minutes to heat up and can reach temperatures hotter than your average home oven. Once placing the pizza inside the pizza maker, it only takes about 5 minutes to be done cooking.

Wheelbarrow Handles 

If your DIYer uses a wheelbarrow quite often, then he or she will enjoy receiving wheelbarrow handles as a gift. Wheelbarrows are awesome for transporting DIY materials such as wood, metal, and other heavy materials. However, wheelbarrow handles are low to the ground even for a shorter-than-average person.

This can really do some damage to your back if you use it often. If the DIYer you know has to use a wheelbarrow a lot, then chances are they suffer from a backache quite often from having to bend over to push the wheelbarrow. Thankfully, there is an easy fix. Wheelbarrow handles are designed to fit over the wooden handles on the wheelbarrow. This makes the handles much longer than what they would be without the extensions. Longer handles mean less bending over and less back pain for your DIYer.

The Ultimate Coffee Cup

Every DIYer needs a durable coffee cup to keep them going throughout even the toughest projects. However, it’s not uncommon for a cup to fall to the floor here and there during the creation process. Not only does this result in a broken cup, but it results in a loss of coffee as well.

It could also mean a ruined project if the coffee were to spill on the materials. To prevent this from happening your DIYer could stop drinking coffee, but that’s not too realistic. Instead, consider purchasing the ultimate coffee cup for them! The Contigo Extreme stainless steel travel mug is a great option! This mug is made durable to resist spills and breaks. You DIYer will never have to worry about causing a mess or ruining a project with coffee ever again!

What Does the Do It Yourselfer in Your Life Need?

If you have a do it yourselfer in your life, then you most likely have a hard time purchasing gifts for them. It’s hard to find the perfect gift for someone who seems to have everything. That’s why choosing one of these gifts above is the best way to show them just how much you care. If none of a gift above you wants, check this out for more! For more posts with helpful tips, be sure to visit our website daily!

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