Questions To Ask Before Hiring Top Residential Pressure Washers

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Pressure washers are great for cleaning your home. This type of machine is highly recommended for the removal of stains and dirt for outdoor furniture that are usually difficult to clean. These include wooden decks, stone paths, or outdoor brick floors. This type of outdoor setting is often the breeding ground of dirt and mold that cannot be cleaned through regular cleaning. When you don’t have a pressure washer in your home, or if you want the convenience of hiring one, you want to make sure that they get the job done.
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Here are the questions you should ask first before hiring top residential pressure washers:

How much does it typically cost to hire one?

Asking about the cost should always be one of the first questions that you should ask before hiring any service, in general. Ask for a quotation from at least two (2) to three (3) businesses offering residential pressure washing services, such as Simpson, so that you can get the most value for your money. As a guide, pressure water rental services typically range from $70 to $400 a day, depending on the size of your home. They usually do a quotation on a per square foot/meter basis.

What is your type of cleaning process?

Not all parts of your home can be cleaned adequately only by putting it on high-pressure mode. Some companies make this mistake, and it can cause damage or discoloration to your patio. When you hire a residential pressure washer service, asking about their cleaning process will give you an idea which of them know what they are doing, or has the most expertise.

Some companies offer excellent services by tweaking their cleaning process such as:

  • using more natural and chemical-free solutions for homes with young children or sick family members
  • providing better cleaning solutions to use lower pressure washing levels for parts of the house that can quickly get damaged.

Most importantly, some parts of you home need care, while others cannot even be pressure washed. Check this guide to know the basics about which parts of your home they should clean, and how to safely undergo this cleaning process.

How often should I clean my outdoor decks with a pressure washer?

When you are a newbie in hiring a pressure washer rental, it is a good idea for you to ask how often you should engage in their services. This timeframe will help you remember when you should call them again. It is a recommendation that you clean your outdoor space with a pressure washer at least twice a year, however, if it is your first time, and your area is pretty dirty, it is advisable for you to ask for a deep clean again three (3) months later.

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Why should I hire your services instead of buying a machine and do it myself?

It is generally not recommended to do pressure washing yourself. You can purchase a machine and follow its steps, however, it takes expertise and proper training to do the job well. If you do not have the appropriate training, you might do permanent damage to your home. Even further, it will save you so much space in your garage to keep one less equipment that you do not even get to use often.

Can I read previous customer reviews?

Pressure washing services need licenses, too. Ask to see their license before anything else. After, ask to read their customer reviews. The only way for you to have an idea as to how good, or bad the company you have chosen is for you to read previous customer reviews. These are usually the most honest and unfiltered feedback, so you will have an idea where to place your final choice, as hiring a professional pressure washer can be quite expensive.

Do you have insurance provided in case of any damage to property?

Although it can happen on infrequent occasions because of their expertise, it is unavoidable that accidents may happen. In the course of the cleaning service, the residential pressure washer might cause breaking or damage to any household property. Therefore, it is essential for you to ask about insurance as well, in case of any liability.

Do you have before and after photos of your previous clients?

Like customer reviews, these before and after photos are great for you to see if the company you are looking to hire knows what they are doing. It is best for you to ask for those rather than rely on the company’s word that they know what they are doing. When looking at pictures, check for homes with similar styles, surfaces and problem areas like yours.


With the numerous residential pressure washing services available today, it is crucial for you to filter out the best possible choice. These questions will help you get a head start as to which company to hire and put your trust. These will lead you to the pressure washing company that can offer you the most effective, thorough and safe cleaning of your home.

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