The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Fire Sprinkler Installation Company

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People reported building fires every 23 seconds across the United States in 2020. Over 50% of these fires were residential, while 26.3% occurred in commercial properties. Fires can happen at any time, so you need a functional fire sprinkler system. But how do you find a reputable fire sprinkler company?

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Fire Sprinkler Installation Company

We’ve got a few tips on finding the right fire sprinkler installation company below. Keep reading if you’re curious about finding the best company for you.

Understand the Differences Between Residental and Commercial Sprinklers

The fundamental goal of any fire safety system is to keep your building safe from fires. But there are critical differences between residential and commercial fire sprinklers. Commercial systems have many fire sprinkler options. You can choose dry pipe systems and wet fire sprinklers. Residential fire sprinklers usually are wet pipe systems. Commercial fire sprinklers use more water. A residential system won’t have as much water, so they don’t activate as soon as a fire breaks out. You need to choose fire sprinkler companies that service your sprinkler system.

Make Sure the Company Has Licencing and Certification

Whichever company you choose needs to have licensing and certification. Licensing allows companies to operate in their home states. Certification means that a fire sprinkler company has experience and skill. You can check with your local authorities if a company you’re interested in is licensed. Contact the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies if you’re curious about a fire sprinkler company’s certification. The NICET is a non-profit organization that certifies workers in fire safety fields. NICET certifications tell customers that companies have experience in fire sprinkler installation. Certificates allow companies to modify, maintain and design sprinkler systems.

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Fire Sprinkler Installation Company - fire sprinkler

Research and Ask Questions

If a company is disreputable, people will talk about it. One of the best ways to find out if a company is good at its job is to ask old customers or read reviews. Check if your neighbors have used the fire sprinkler company you’re hiring. If they have a website, read a few reviews about their performance. Once you’ve decided on a company, prepare your questions. Ask your potential fire sprinkler installation team how long they’ve been in business. You should also ask about the brands they use when they install sprinklers so you can research them. Ask about first aid procedures, OSHA and CPR qualifications, and if they’re insured. You may want to ask how many staff members the installation team has. Check if they’ll subcontract any parts of the job to other people.

A Fire Sprinkler System Can Save Lives

A fire sprinkler system helps prevent damage to your property and injury to you and others. It’s essential to search for a good fire sprinkler company. You should understand the differences between residential and commercial fire sprinkler systems. It’s also good to check if the company has proper licensing and certification. Did you find this article helpful? If so, there is plenty more like it on the website. Check out more posts in our home improvement section for more handy tips.

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