Hidden Pool Costs to Be on the Lookout For

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If you own a swimming pool, then pool maintenance will be crucial towards ensuring that you can consistently enjoy your pool. You’ll need to ensure that the water in the pool is clean and you’ll also need to run the circulation system each day. You’ll also need to make sure that you’re adding pool chemicals on time, and in the right amount.

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Should you choose to own a swimming pool, then you’re making a huge investment. You may also find that all builders aren’t upfront about the costs associated with adding a pool to your home. This is why you should know what the hidden costs are, with regards to your pool.

What Are The Hidden Costs Associated With Owning a Swimming Pool?

The hidden costs of swimming pools are something not all homeowners are aware of. Many people think that all they need to pay for is the pool itself, as well as the cost of installation. However, what you’re actually spending on your pool can go beyond that. Here are a few of the hidden costs related to your pool, that you should know about:

1. You’ll Need to Pay For Permits

Say you want to bring home a fiberglass pool. If this is the case then you may need to get a permit for your pool as well. This is why you should always check out what the local requirements in your state are, for owning swimming pools. There are some companies that include the cost related to permits in the quote that they provide. However, many do not. Consider asking the company you’re buying a pool from, about costs related to getting a permit. The actual requirements for owning a swimming pool tend to vary from state to state. However, expect to pay both a pool permit as well as a fencing permit. You may have to spend a few hundred dollars to get all the permits you need.

2. Using Ambient Lighting

Say you want to include LED ambient pool lights in your backyard, alongside your pool. You may have to call in an electrician separately, so they can install the lights for you. This is as not every pool building company will have an electrician on hire. Electricity however, is necessary for heaters, filtering systems, water features, and more. Should the price of your pool not include the cost of installation, then you’ll be responsible for finding an electrician who can help you.

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3. Removing Dirt

Builders will first need to dig a hole where your pool will go. As a result, a lot of dirt will need to be hauled away. Remember to ask the pool builder if they will haul the dirt away, and if there are additional costs associated with that service. Most pool builders will help haul the dirt away, but some may charge an additional bill.

4. Pool Protection

If you own a pool, then you’re required to have a fence around that pool. While you may think that the price of a fence is included in the price of the pool, this isn’t always the case. Consider discussing what your fencing options are, with the pool builder of your choice. Remember to ask them about fencing, and whether there are additional costs associated with that. The hidden costs of backyard pools include costs related to fencing, as well as getting a pool cover. You should also ensure that you’ve checked what your local codes are and are abiding by them.

5. Aesthetics

After the swimming pool is installed in your home, you’ll need to ensure that the yard is restored. You should create a budget related to landscaping costs, as soon as you decide to get a swimming pool. You’ll need to replace grass, get plants as well as furniture for your backyard pool. Pool maintenance and pool cleaning costs also fall in the category of hidden costs. You’ll need to know how to maintain a pool, as well as the details of cleaning a pool filter.


There are various hidden costs associated with owning a swimming pool, such as pool maintenance and cleaning. You’ll need to know how to maintain a pool as well as how much pool chemicals you need to add. You’ll also be responsible for cleaning the pool filter. Use this guide to learn about all the hidden costs of owning a swimming pool.

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