Awesome Facts About Having a Pool at Home

What crosses your mind when you think about swimming pools? Are you thinking: summer, relaxation, and fun? Wouldn’t you want to experience that anytime you want? Think of all the fun, relaxing pool parties or the cool, refreshing dips you can take on the hot summer days.

Awesome Facts About Having a Pool at Home

Owning a swimming pool can improve one’s happiness, health, and quality time with family and friends. If you’re still unsure about whether or not you should invest in a pool, perhaps these facts will help you make up your mind.

Private Spa

One of the most underrated yet most rewarding advantages of having a pool at home is the fact that it can double as a personal spa. More homeowners around the world are waking up to the great physical and psychological benefits of having spa pools at their homes.

Being known for its fine wine and enchanting landscapes, New Zealand is one of the cities that appreciate the importance of incorporating relaxation and self-care rituals into the daily routine, so it comes as no surprise that spa pools taupo are very popular. The advantages of having spa pools at home extend to different aspects of your life that go beyond unwinding after a long day.

Spa pools are mostly shaped like a traditional swimming pool, but they also include jets like a hot tub, offering a heavenly combination of hot water and massage. Sounds marvelous, doesn’t it?

Hydromassage has Many Health Benefits

The heat increases the blood circulation by raising the body’s temperature which relieves joint inflammation while the jets simultaneously massage away the muscle tension. The relaxing hydromassage experience provides you with a soothing sensation of weightlessness which is a rewarding incentive on its own, but it comes with additional benefits both in the short and long terms.

Those who’ve experienced spa pools have reported tension relief in their muscles and joints as well as short-term relief of different body aches. Swim spas have been proven to be especially helpful for people with osteoarthritis. Spending time in a spa pool before going to bed is proven to reduce and prevent insomnia, leading to a deeper and more peaceful sleep which makes you more energized in the morning, decreases your stress and anxiety levels, and overall gives you a feeling of rejuvenation.

Aquatic Workouts are Much Easier

Along with providing stress and pain-relief and relaxation, a spa pool helps you stay active. Many of the spa pools are designed so you swim in place against a current created by the jets rather than swimming traditional lengths in a pool. This strengthens different muscle groups and extends your endurance, giving you a full-body workout in a compact space right there at your backyard. The jets usually have different settings to control the current speeds, so you’re continually challenged as your strength increases.

Some models have a hot tub feature, so you can massage those tired, sore muscles after a full-body workout and decompress after a long day of work. All of these elements work together to improve the overall quality of your life.

Spa Pool Workouts Improve Balance

Spa pool workouts are especially beneficial for seniors who may struggle with their balance and posture on a daily basis. As they age, seniors become increasingly physically inactive and the unused muscles can slowly create an imbalance that affects posture and walking. The water resistance in a spa pool can help improve seniors’ coordination and balance as well as give them greater flexibility and strength, it’s generally an excellent way for them to improve their fitness.

More Friends and Family Quality Time

In-ground swimming pools are ideal for those who are looking for a fun activity that engages their loved ones. Who doesn’t love a pool party, right? A regular party or gathering is fine, but imagine everything that makes a get-together enjoyable and add a swimming pool to it; an aquatic playground where anything can happen, from peaceful lounging to intense water fights. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Pools Get Children to Socialize

In addition to drastically improving your barbecues and parties, pools can help you spend more quality time with your family. With the abundance of technology, it can become easy to lose touch with others and become immersed with electronic devices from video games, to mobile phones. Owning a pool allows you to unplug technology and socialize and bond with your family.

Awesome Facts About Having a Pool at Home - children in the pool

If you’re worried that your children spend more time at their friends’ houses than their own, a swimming pool can turn your home into the new kid-friendly attraction where they can have fun while simultaneously doing some low-impact exercise.

Low-Impact Cardio Exercise

Swimming pools aren’t just for leisure. Swimming is, first and foremost, a well rounded athletic activity. In a way, installing a swimming pool in your home is much like installing a home gym except it’s much more fun! You’ll be more likely to go for a swim workout when the pool is right there in your backyard than to hit the gym.

A swimming pool gives every homeowner and family member a chance to exercise at any given time. Swimming provides low-impact exercise which is vital for everyone’s health, and it can be healthier in the long run more other high-impact workouts because exercising in water produces less stress on the joints and muscles.

Swimming is an intense cardio workout that utilizes many muscles that you normally wouldn’t while jogging or running. In addition to building up strength and endurance and improving muscular balance, a swim session can help Improve flexibility, burn calories and lead to weight loss, as well as improve cardiovascular and respiratory health.

With the right training regime, a pool can help you achieve your weight-loss goals. Swimming is a popular alternative to high-impact exercise for those who either don’t enjoy running or suffer from joint issues. From water aerobics to a few laps of breaststroke, you can pretty much get a good workout, all with minimal strain on your body, this means you can work out much harder than you would at the gym without risking injury. And the best part is, when you’re done, you hop out feeling energized, refreshed, and most importantly, free of swollen feet and aching muscles.

Get the Required Dose of Vitamin D

When you own a pool, you get a great spot where you can comfortably soak up the sun outside and get your required dose of vitamin D instead of slouching around in your house. Vitamin D has great health benefits as it helps prevent many common skin disorders and can increase your body’s levels of serotonin, the hormone that makes you happy. So the next time you’re feeling down, stressed, or are in the mood for a workout, put on your sunscreen and dive into your backyard pool!

Upkeep and Maintenance Can Be Easy

The number one turn-off for most people when considering having a pool at home is pool maintenance; having to test the water level, clean the pool, check the filters, and so on. But it’s not that complicated if you use a schedule to keep track of the maintenance requirements. Doing so saves you plenty of time and can even help reduce your swimming pool bills.

The more time and care you put into cleaning and maintaining your pool, the less work your pump and filter have to do, and the more often you balance your water, the fewer chemicals you use per month. Using a schedule to organize your pool maintenance is one of the easiest ways to lower your bills. Here are a few tips on how to make a proper one:

    • Schedule three days per week for skimming
    • Set at least one day a week for vacuuming
    • Choose one day each week to shock the pool
    • Pick at least two days each week to test the water

If you want to make things easier on yourself, then pool automation is the solution you need. Instead of doing them yourself or hiring a specialist to handle the everyday pool-related tasks like checking the water and monitoring the system. Nowadays, there’s technology to do most of that for you. You can invest in add-ons that automate the maintenance of your water level, and systems that sterilize your pool for you, keeping the perfect chlorine balance

You can Reduce your Swimming Pool Bills

From buying the chemicals and add-ons to powering the pool heater and pump, running and maintaining your pool will cost you, but you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot. There are a few time and money-saving hacks that can easily cut your bills in half. While heating your pool can be quite expensive, there are more cost-effective options. For instance, a pool heat pump is an alternative energy-efficient option that requires less than one third the cost of gas.

Keeping your pool heated at a consistent temperature is usually quite challenging no matter how you’re heating it. Whether you’re combating windy days or cold weather, heat loss is a tough opponent to beat. Luckily, there’s a simple solution for that, all you have to do is put a solar cover on your pool.

Using a solar cover on your pool is similar to putting a lid on a pot of food on the stove; it helps the water warm up faster, and stay warm much longer. It can also improve your pool’s heat retention by up to 75%. That means the heat loss is reduced by up to 75%, which cuts down the heating costs drastically.

No matter how you look at it, cleaning and maintaining the pool is going to cost you some money, however, it also can save you a substantial amount of money in other departments. Instead of taking your kids out to keep them entertained, paying for an expensive vacation, or having to pay for a gym membership to stay fit, a home pool will save you a lot of money that can balance out its upkeep costs in the long run.

Plenty of Customization Options

When you install a home swimming pool, you aren’t confined to just one or two options. Home swimming pools can be customized to suit your exact preference and lifestyle. This means that you can choose your pool’s shape, size, depth, tile design, and lighting options. Customized pools are also highly versatile for all spaces which means that regardless of how small your yard is, you’ll find the right pool for it.

Additionally, there are plenty of affordable ways to upgrade and customize your pool without breaking the bank. From simple plug-in fountains to LED strips and fire pits, there are plenty of ways to make sure your pool is aligned with your home’s design and personality.

Added Home Value and Better Quality of Life

A swimming pool is more than a decorative addition to your home that you get to brag about it’s also a great investment. Instead of going to the nearest swimming facility, having your own swimming pool can save you time and costs. From the physical and emotional benefits to the psychological well‐being of your family, investing in a pool equals investing in your quality of life.

Additionally, having a pool at home can add tranquility to your home and increases the visual appeal and resale value of your property. A higher home value can benefit you even if you aren’t planning on selling your house. It’s also beneficial if you plan on passing your home on to your kids, or consider renting it out as an investment property.

Whether you’re looking for a fun family activity or a relaxing personal time, either way, facts are facts. Having your own personal backyard oasis to unwind and melt your stress away is one of the best investments you can make. The benefits of owning a swimming pool extend well beyond the obvious benefits and convenience.

A swimming pool opens the door to a lifestyle that improves your health and gives you more time with family and friends, more time for exercise, and more time to cool down, both physically and mentally. So what are you waiting for, go find the perfect pool to turn your house into the hottest new spot.

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