4 Handyman Hacks For Your Home Office

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Crafting a home office space that stimulates productivity and is enjoyable to be in can be a challenge. While you get the added privacy of being at home, you may have new difficulties like excessive noise in or outdoors, limited space or only small rooms/closets available, and poor internet connection.

4 Handyman Hacks For Your Home Office

Did you know that trying a few simple suggestions could help overcome these common challenges? Put these five handyman hacks to work for you as you design your workspace.

1) Be Strategic With Room Choice

Not everyone has the choice of which room they may want to use as office space, but if you do, there are a few considerations you’ll want to take into account:

  • Observe which location receives the most noise from inside or outside the house. Is one room closer to the road? Is one right by the kids’ playroom? Where is the AC, washing machine, or other noisy appliance located in relation to the potential office?
  • Think about your lighting preferences. Does the side of the house that your room is on get a lot of sunlight?Does the room have windows?

All of these factors can impact productivity and make or break your office.

2) Boost Your Internet Speed With Handy Tech

When working from home, a stable internet connection is a must. It only takes one unreliable connection to disrupt an entire virtual meeting. You can try moving the router to corners near windows, but no matter where you place it, you may still experience a bad connection. The problem might not be the room; it could be your router. Investing in an upgrade from an Xfinity Authorized Retailer should be on every at-home employee’s checklist. You’re not only investing in the latest technology designed for today’s data sharing but also purchasing a plan that’s intended for businesses, not casual browsing.

3) Try Space-Saving Technology

You may have a spare guest room to convert into an office or relegated to a corner of your bedroom or living room. If you fall into the latter category, space can be a real issue, as there may be barely enough room for a desk and chair. Try multi-function technology to make your space versatile for whatever you may need. Utilize folding desks with extensions to suit your exact workplace needs. When you have to spread out, extend the extra desk space. When you have a meeting and want a little extra space so that it doesn’t feel too cramped, your desk can fold neatly against the wall. Other tech solutions that can eliminate clutter and free up space in a small home office include smart-scanning and digital signing software. Keep the room completely paperless and avoid clutter piling up on desks and in drawers.

4 Handyman Hacks For Your Home Office - home office

4) Embrace Wall-Hanging Furniture for Smaller Spaces

Look to vertical space if you are running out of space or feeling cluttered in your home office. You likely have plenty of space to relocate your clutter between yourself and the ceiling. The walls are a great place for storage, decoration, and even furniture. Shelves can hold what a bookshelf or chest of drawers may typically hold on the ground. The right lighting will also elevate the room via wall-hanging or ceiling fixtures rather than floor lamps. Try a classic pendant light or a more lavish chandelier for decoration.

The Bottom Line

Building your ideal space to focus and be productive sounds like a dream come true to people in cramped apartments with little space. It’s totally possible to transform any space into a comfortable home office, but it takes time, dedication, and a few handyman hacks. Use these four tips to help overcome spatial issues and make the space more aesthetically pleasing. By considering all the factors that could prevent you from being productive now, you’ll avoid relocating your home office in a few weeks.

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